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Staff Application

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In game name: Kingofplayz


Position Desired: Mod.


Age: 23.



Timezone: UTC/GMT.


How long have you played DoomScape? only recently re-join use to play when world 1 first started but just getting into world 2.


Have  you ever been punished on DoomScape? No, I have Not.


Talk about your previous experience of being staff on private servers: all experiences went well iv only ever been mod once it was a experience for myself and other but went well due to bad Irl injurys I had to stop playing and when I went back the server was down.


List 5 of your strengths: im very honest and obey the rules that are set to obey, im a very active player possibly 10+ hrs a day, I will report bugs/glitches and rule breakers to higher staff, I will always welcome and greet new beginners and help them in anyway other then giving them free items due to not wanting to ruin eco, I am also very respectful and do not have a bad temper and will remain calm in any situation.


What are you goals as staff? My goal as a staff member would be to make the community a happy/friendly place where everyone feels welcome, helping to keep our environment and eco safe, making sure everyone is happy is my desire 

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