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Problems running or updating DoomScape

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A step by step guide to resolve most issues:

1) Update Java (go to http://www.java.com for that)
2) Restart the client 
3) Restart your computer
4) Delete the whole folder 'DoomScapePS' in 'C:/Users/(your username)/'
5) If deleting the client and cache doesn't work, try downloading the zipped client. Simply extract it anywhere and double click the file "DoomScape.jar".
6) Finally try disconnecting your modem and router for 30 seconds, then plug them back in and try again
7) Use the zipped client

Most (if not all) client problems can easily be solved by using our zipped client (step 7). It does not auto-update like our normal client, but it always works without problems.
If you are still unable to get your client to run after trying the above, you can create a new topic about your issue. Alternatively, below are some of the more common issues and how to solve them.  



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