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jammin clam

The Clams guide to Agility

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Welcome to my Agility Guide, Firstly to get started you'll need to know how to get there and what level requirements you'd need.

Level- 1 :

image.png.65d9fbec5fc40ebfa525bc48edfd0d00.png  image.png.e3e109b0366b8d16b2c3a02b4f1f7754.png

This beginner course gives 7,196 experience, and one Agility Ticket. Agility tickets are used at the Ape Atoll agility course teleport.

Also if you have the access to Brawling gloves (agility) they give bonus exp. Increasing the total experience from this course to 7,393.

It's not much but when you start agility you'll understand any bonus exp is great :D

Next stop is the Barbarian agility course at level- 35


Total experience earned from one lap: 18,673 without brawlers/vote exp

Exp with just Brawling gloves: 19,189

Next stop is the Wilderness Agility course at level 52 Agility located west of the mage arena, in level 50+ Wilderness:


Total experience gained from one lap: 29,025 exp without vote/brawlers

Total experience gained with brawlers: 29,829 exp

Giving 3 agility tickets

Next stop is the Ape Atoll Agility course at level 75 Agility:


You'll have to talk to Wizard Elriss for a GreeGree in order to use the course, can only have one ninja GreeGree at a time.

Megan has the agility point store.

Total experience earned from one lap without votes/brawlers: 32,895

Total experience earned with brawling gloves: 33,805

Giving 2 Agility Tickets

Thanks for checking out my guide :D

If i missed anything or if you have any suggestions feel free to comment :D


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