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jammin clam

The Clams guide to Runecrafting

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Welcome to my Runecrafting guide, Firstly you'll need to know the level requirements: 


Also I'd also recommend getting a Vote Ticket before starting, upon claiming the ticket you'll receive bonus exp for an hour.

The easiest way to bank in my opinion would be to click the prayer skill, this will teleport you home by the altars, then just run in and bank :D 

To start click the Runecrafting skill>   image.png.e57133772903e71a74492e99997a83fb.png

You can find all the Teleports in thereimage.png.d43f5c599fc71838618392825e8ea607.png


The order you'd be going in would be Air which will get you to around 22.

Next is the Body altar, you'll be around 28.

Next stop is the cosmic altar.

Then Chaos until 44 for Natures, then laws and then finally Deaths, those are the top tier rune to runecraft as of rn. 

There is also the Donator zone Runecrafting zone which requires level 85 Runecrafting shown here:



It's very nice exp :D 

Thanks for checking out my guide :D 

If i left anything out or if you would like more feel free to let me know :d 

Planning on agility/herblore next

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