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DoomScape 1st Anniversary Update - Part 1 of 2

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Celebrating over 1 year uptime, enjoy!


Are you a Donator? Get 10% back of your total donations for the past 3 months back in loyalty!

Step 1: 
Login at https://doomscape.com/login

Step 2:
Visit https://doomscape.com/store

Step 3: 
Click on Loyalty which  is above the featured items

Step 4:
Collect your 10% back in loyalty to spend on the store!


Server Updates Part 1 - COMPLETE

1. Shop Updates

  • Bossing Shop
  • Slayer Shop
  • Credits Shop
  • PK Shop

2. Master Mode and Fixed Game mode change

We've created a new game mode,  Master Mode! This is for the hardcode players out there that prefer a challenging gameplay. Game mode changing is also fixed you can now upgrade your accounts to Legends or any other ranks.

3. Benefit from Extra Bank Space

All Ultimate Donators+ can now benefit from extra bank space! Simply speak to any Banker ingame!

4. Increased Moderation Capabilities 

Staff have been given tools to assist with a wider variety of support issue. If you need help with your account get in touch!

5. Full NPC Kill counter

Using the ::kills command you can access view how many times you killed each NPC in the game! The record starts from today so there won't be anything on there to see until you kill something!

6. All Trees and Altars coded

In an effort to make the game more realistic 100% of trees in game have been coded as well as all altars. We will we working on making the game more open world in the coming months!

7. Improved Combat

We've done a few updates to Following and also the Melee attack style, the 'distance bug' is fixed where you could make a strike from up to 10 meters away! Insane right?

8. Username Finder

New Username Finder on https://doomscape.com/play Helps you find the perfect name with ease!

9. Recovery email notification on login

It is very important to set a recovery email for your account. Players without one will now get a reminder when you in.

10. New Weapons coded!

  • Dragon Warhammer
  • Armadyl Crossbow
  • Light Ballista
  • Heavy Ballista
  • Twisted Bow
  • More coming soon with Part 2
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