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Jackie Chan

My Omega Setup

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My Omega Setup

I am pretty happy with how consistently I've been killing Omega & getting the loot roll for top DPS.
Below I'll cover what I use in my setup, this gear is attainable and realistic for all players and relatively affordable.
Omega is located at ::omega, it drops exceptional loot. Good for a small team!



Void melee helm
Max cape (can be replaced with Infernal cape/TokHaar-kal)
Blood necklace (b) (can be replaced with Amulet of torture/Amulet of fury)
Elite void knight top
Elite void knight robe (Legs)
Void knight gloves
Primordial Boots (id. 12710, can be replaced with "New Prims", Primal boots/Steadfast boots)
Korasi's sword
Vesta's longsword
Ring of devotion
Ring of wealth
Ring of vigour
Dragon Defender
Divine spirit shield (Optional)



Currently my setup is along the lines of:
5 Saradomin Brew (4)

2 Super Restore (4)
Extreme Attack (3)
Extreme Strength (3)
Coins (Any amount, just so I don't lose any accidentally when dropped to Inventory from monsters.)
Ring of vigour
Ring of wealth
Korasi's sword
Divine spirit shield (Optional)


Alter the quantities as you see necessary, obviously.


The reason that I use void is to have a positive magic bonus, this affects Korasi's sword special attack. It will only hit with a positive magic bonus.
The recipe for Extreme attack is : Super Attack (3) + Clean Avantoe
The recipe for Extreme strength is : Clean Ranarr + Clean Dwarf Weed
Extreme strength recipe is currently a bug, as of 20/08/2018, and will presumably be updated to Super strength, not Ranarr

Saradomin brews are panic food for dangerous situations where you are on low health, or emergency food in the occasion that you run out. A last resort.
Divine spirit shield is extremely useful for the minions phase, will reduce the risk of dying.
Ring of vigour saves 5% special energy each time you special attack, this adds up!
Ring of wealth is for switching into at the end, prioritise keeping Ring of devotion on!
If you are new, make sure to move to where nobody else (including you) was standing where they were (including you) when he says the phrase:


Good luck with your Omega loots!

Please Rep if it helped

Click vvvvvvv

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