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Jackie Chan

Skotizo Guide

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As you're probably already aware, a new boss was added to DoomScape on 19/08/2018:

Below I will be covering a basic strategy and recommended gear and inventory setup (note that I'm going fast and not really intending to add pictures).


Recommended Inventory and Equipment setup

If I were organising my team, I'd expect every person to bring at bare minimum:

Mini Familiar > Summoning Familiar (High tier requirement)

Weapon: Blowpipe > Sagittarian Shortbow > Chaotic Crossbow
Armour: Elite Void set > Pernix
Gloves: Void > Mercenary's Gloves >  Flame Gloves > Barrows Gloves
Boots: Old Pegasian Boots > Pegasian Boots > Ranger Boots
Amulet: Necklace of Anguish > Necklace of Ranging
Ring: Ring of Devotion > Archers Ring (i), or Ring of Wealth - Including imbued varient if possible.
Cape: Ava's / Max Cape


Celestial Set/ God Cape


Inventory (**set quantities as you feel fit):

Overload > Extreme Potions > Super Potions > Any Potion
Saradomin Brews (If Overloaded) > Rocktails > Sharks
Super Restore (Not necessary if Overloaded) > Prayer Potions
Vengeance Runes (Optional, better Damage)


The only thing to bare in mind is dodging his rock mechanic, similar to Omega's own rock mechanic. As with Omega, being hit by this will result in the boss healing for a huge amount and most of the time this will lose you any successful kills.
Do not fret, it is simple to counter. Once he announces in overhead, it will record your current position (As well as all others within the fight): Simply move out of the spot in which you, and any other players were. You can move back once he has dropped the rocks (You will see a "gray bubbles" looking animation on the spots where you and your team were)  and he will continue without healing.

This is all you need to know, good luck! Check Skotizo's drops with ::drops ingame and then filtering for Skotizo!

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