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DoomScape 120s Guide

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DoomScape XP Guide (Highest Tier Methods)


30 mins to 120


200m xp/hr (Thrones)

2.5 hrs to 120


33.7m xp/r (Dbones on an Altar)

3 hrs to 120

Atk, str, def, range, mage, hp

25.7m xp/hr (Train with Slayer for optimum XP)

2 hrs to 120


19m xp/hr (Rocktails)

5 hrs to 120


19m xp/hr (Magic Logs)

6 hrs to 120


15.6m xp/hr (Magic Logs)

6 hrs to 120

Hunter (Strong wrist development needed)

15m xp/hr (Red Chins)

8 hrs to 120


11.5m xp/hr (Dzone)

9 hrs to 120


9.8m xp/hr (only unf pots)

25 hrs to 120


4m xp/hr (Rune ores)

24 hrs to 120

Smithing (15k rune bars needed)

4.2m xp/hr (Rune Bars)

7 hrs to 120

Fletching (125k dart tips needed)

11.5m xp/hr (Rune dart tips on feathers)

14 hrs to 120

Farming (6k dwarf weed seeds needed or 4.5k torstols)

4.8m xp/hr 

20 hrs to 120


4.6m xp/hr Gem Stalls, or 

6.5m xp/hr Veg Stalls (dzone)

24 hrs to 120


3.7m xp/hr (Uncut Diamonds)

40 hrs to 120

Agility (strong fingers needed)

2.5m xp/hr (Ape Toll Course)

120 hrs to 120


750k-1m xp/hr

100 hrs to 120


1m xp/hr

4598 hrs to 120 (rots method)

Dungeoneering (don’t do rots you will hate your life)

24k xp/hr (rots)



Some skills aren’t on here, you’re not tripping, it’s b/c i’ve already done them so I didn’t need to do a guide on them, but I thought I would help out and post what I got.. Hope this help :)

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yes formulas would be good to add as supporting evidence as some I feel are a little short on time 

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