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Jackie Chan

Last Man Standing guide

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Last Man Standing

A guide to the fair Player-Versus-Player minigame- under construction.


What is it?
A PVP Minigame with NO REQUIREMENTS. Consisting of 5 rounds, each one with stronger gear than the last.

You can jump right in as a newcomer. Your stats and equipment will be set to the same as everybody elses every round.


How do I get there?!

::lms, or World Map>Minigames>Last Man Standing

How do I begin?

Move to the end of this arrow, and then you will be added to the game, or to the lobby if there is no game.


How do I win?

Your goal is to the last man standing, kill all opponents and travel to safe areas. You will see DANGER: Go N steps (Your compass is broken, won't tell you which direction, this is intentional) and once you get close enough to the zone, an arrow will show on your minimap. You must stay close or you will take damage from gas/fog, increasing if you are outside of the safe zone for too long.


Anything else I should know?

When you're dead, you can fight with other players to practise your skills and keep your hands warm between rounds (some can last a while, and will not end until the timer expires).

As of 15/07/2018 - You will receive points for kills, and more points per round won based on how many people participated in that round.


The rewards are a grind- But you will be justly rewarded with amazing cosmetics, or insane gear.



Best of luck to you all. Enjoy!


-Fucs 😎


This minigame is THE BEST THING EVER! -Doom


Edited by Fucs

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