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Jackie Chan

Rise of The Six (RoTS) Guide

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So, you want to take on the Barrows Brothers with more of a challenge?

Look no further, Rise of The Six is your place to go.

Easy to enter, located at :


You will see this location on teleport (You will be familiar with it as Barrows).


If you wish to duo with a player, right click them here, and select DUO-with. After this, they can choose to accept or ignore the invitation. You will be notified when you are partnered up

After arrival, talk to the Wise Old Man, he's the NPC wearing the blue partyhat, blue cape and brown robes, with a staff.

You will begin a moderately long dialogue, towards the end of which you will be presented with a choice:


To begin the encounter, take the potion.

Your character will proceed to drink the strange liquid and then collapse on the floor.

After which, you will wake up inside a cave presented only with a chest:


Continue with the dialogue, and choose the first option 'Take control of the dream' to begin the minigame... Or choose the second option 'Wake me up!' if you're scared- This option returns you to Barrows.


If you miss the dialogue, somehow cancelling it. Simply click the chest to begin.


Now the fight begins!

Within seconds of choosing to take control, the ground will shake, and the barrows brothers will spawn!

You will fight many brothers at once, and you or your partner cannot die in order to complete the minigame!


Once you have completed 2 waves of Brothers, your reward will be added to your inventory/inventories.

The best loot you can receive is Crystal of Power, currently valued at 25B+ at the time of this guide being written!

Best of luck!




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