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DoomScape Guide | A-Z on how to play!

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Getting Started

Hello and Welcome!

The first step to starting your adventure at DoomScape is downloading our official client, to do this simply visit https://doomscape.com and hit the play button. If for any reason our launcher fails to work we have many alternate solutions available. Simply click "Download Alternative Clients"

So you've made it to the game, you notice a very  a useful starter kit. Among other things you are given 2.5M cash, a few weapons and also skilling equipment.

As soon as you join the game you will be given a short automatic tutorial on how to play the game. After you are prompted to chose your game mode. This is a very important part of game play so slow down and think about it!

Normal Mode
For maximum enjoyment of the game we recommend normal mode. XP on this mode is just the right balance not too fast not too slow @ 75xReal RuneScape (Unboosted)

Easy Mode
Easy mode is recommended for those who just want to get into the game quick, training is extremely fast here so this mode is ideal for PKers and PVMers.

Ironman Mode
Ironman mode trains at 100x Real RuneScape and has the same rules as real RuneScape. 

  • No trading, shopping or dropping
  • Mine, Craft, Make all your equipment or get them from drops.

Game mode doesn't affect how fast you train non-combat skills, rates are capped at 25x Real RuneScape for all non combat skills.

As extra incentive to train and max your skills we automatically add cash to your pouch every time you get a 99. This ranges from 7.5m - 15m depending on the skill.

Getting Around

There are 3 main ways to get around the server. The first way is to use Wizard Mizgog, he can teleport you to MOST locations on the server but not all.

Secondly you can use the World Map Button

Finally you can also use the teleports in your Magic Spell book.


At DoomScape we have huge skilling community. This can be reflected in your Highscores which people compete daily to be the best on the server! https://doomscape.com/highscores

All skills except Dungeoneering and Construction are trainable but we have plans to release those very soon too.

For most of the trainable skills you can quickly teleport there by clicking the respective icon the Skills tab. Some skills such as Herblore or Crafting do that have teleports as you need to buy the resources from the shop.

Unique/Popular Features


Everyone loves a bit of Slayer. To get started Simply speak to the Slayer Master to get a task assigned.

Slayer Rewards

What would slayer be without the rewards?

Slayer Task Options

If you speak to the Slayer master, there are a variety of options here to make your life easier.


One of the most important aspect of any RSPS is here and perfected. We have an excellent, bug free and content packed PVP system. We have many combat minigames such as Castle Wars, Last Man Standing and Fights Pits.

Kill players in the wilderness to gather PK Points, PK points can be spent in the PK Points shop which you can access using ::rewards.

Bossing Minigame

One of the most popular activities on our server is our unique Bossing minigame. This minigame features over 20 flawless bosses all that drop amazing rewards! To get here simply do the ::bossing command from In-game or use the Magic Spell book.

The idea of this game is quite simple every 30 seconds you are presented with an option to choose which boss you want to fight from the list. If you don't like the selection hit more options and you get a new list. With multiple people this gets a bit more exicting in that you vote for which boss you want to fight and the most popular choice gets spawned right in front of you

Bossing Rewards

This is the main reason why people play the bossing minigame for the rewards. At the end of killing a boss not only do you receive a random reward from the NPC DROP TABLE but you also get boss points depending on the difficulty of the boss. Using these Boss Points you can spend them with Solus to get even more rewards!


A great place to start to get intermediate gear and money making is Barrows! To get here do ::barrows or use the magic spell book. Don't forget to bring a spade with you. Get this from the General store shop keeper.

Our Barrows work similar to RuneScape but not exactly the same as RuneScape. To get started Dig on all of the 6 mounds and defeat the brothers.

After defeating all Six brothers simple go back to the top, dig on another hill and you will be presented with your reward. You will know when its time to get you reward when your kill count says six.

There is 40% chance of getting Barrows equipment here. 

Jad Minigame

We have an amazing Jad minigame which the rewards is a firecape. There are only 5 waves so unlike real RuneScape anyone can do it! Right

Castle Wars

We have Custom Castle Wars which is a mixture between traditional Cwars and the Soul Wars minigame. As usual you can play with your team and there are amazing rewards at the end of each game. Use ::cwars to play it in game. There are a few ways to win this game:

  • Capture the flag
  • Get the highest kill count for your team
  • Defeat the opposing team's avatar.


PVP Bots

Thats right! We have super intelligent PVP Bots here! The PVP Bots here work in a very unique way compared to what you have seen in the past.

The first thing you will want to do is trade the PVP bot to see what items are in its inventory, bare in mind that every single time you kill the bot you get a random chance of getting of the item the bot is wearing. PVP Bots are level 126 and located inside Edgeville Wilderness.

The game gets interesting when you or others die while trying to defeat the bot. If that happens then 3 of their most valuable items will be added to the PVP Bots's loot, so if someone else manage to kill they will get a chance of winning the items you lost. Similarly if you die to it you can also win back your own items by defeating it. Once there are no more items in the bot the rewards will refresh to the default (everything they are wearing).

Last Man Standing

Coming soon

Pest Control

Get to Pest Control using the ::pc command, games are super quick, xp is amazing and you also get to unlock special void armor which boosts your damage! You get 5+ points per game. 

Duel Arena

Some people like to get rich quick so we made sure we made flawless, bug free Duel Arena. To get here to ::duel or use the minigames teleport!


At DoomScape we offer safe and scam free dicing. There are two ways to obtain the Dice bag, you can either get it as a voting reward or alternative head to the Special section of our Donator Store

Once you have obtained a Dice Bag, speak to the Gambler at Duel Arena and you will be able to set your dicing limits, the minimum and maximum someone can bet with you. It is only possible to Dice currency at this point.

As the host make sure you have enough money in your pouch/inventory then people others will be able to bet you, all they need to do is right click you, press Dice and then enter a bet.

Dying outside the Wilderness

If you die outside the wilderness, for example in PVM you items will not be spawned where you died, but instead the lost loot will be transferred directly to the Grim Reaper. To get them back just talk to him and they will be spawned back into your inventory. Please note if you die in the Wilderness you will have to run back to get your items. It is recommended you collect these ASAP.

Bonus XP Weekends

Bonus XP starts on the server every Friday from 12am and will end on Sunday 11PM. All these times are according to the server time which is UTC-05:00. You can also check the server time in the quest tab!

During Bonus XP reward points for minigames are boosted. Training XP will be boosted 25% for non Donators and 40% for Donators.

In-game Commands

::forums - open up the forums
::discord - open up the discord
::char - quickly change your appearance
::details - display important info about your account such as your reward points
::max - displays your max hit (not 100% accurate)
::time - shows how long you have been playing the game
::vote - brings you to voting page for you to vote for reward
::voted - checks for vote rewards and also opens up the vote shop
::donated - checks for Donations and also opens your collection box
::rewards - opens up the most popular rewards shop
::updates - opens forums with all the latest updates

::bossing - teleports you to bossing minigame
::lms - teleports you to last man standing
::train - teleports you to training zone
::duel - teleports you to the duel arena
::pc - teleports you to pest control 


Vote daily to support our server and also get amazing rewards In-game. Once you have voted on all links on the DoomScape.com website hit Redeem and you will be greeted with this success message.

Once you have voted do ::voted you will get your points and the reward shop will also open up for you.


There is no in-game shop for donations, instead we use an online system. Anything you buy here is available in-game instantly, simply do the ::donated command


There is much much more content too!

There is so much content in our server it would take all day to explain it all, in this topic covers the basic but there are still many things to discover. Have fun on your adventure!

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