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NBAFLYBOY's -- Woodcutting and firemaking guide

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WOODCUTTING  AND FIREMAKING GUIDE by NBAFLYBOY ;  (simple and easy for beginner's🙂 ) make sure you got a axe and tinder box to start these skills. you can get to woodcutting place by going into your stats and clicking on the woodcutting skill it will teleport you to a woodcutting area. Use iron axe from level 1-41 then switch over to rune axe.


"I would just do fire making while I'm wood cutting so just burn the logs after you get a full inventory every time to  level both skills at the same time fast and simple."

Regular tree level : 1 to 15 - 1,031 xp

Oak tree level : 15 to 45 - 1,546 xp

Maple tree level : 45 to 60 - 4,125 xp

Yew tree level : 60 to 75 - 7,218 xp

Magic tree level : 75 to 99 - 10,312 xp




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