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Doomscape Beginners Guide

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This is Jordy's guide to being new here at doomscape, I hope it helps and you enjoy it

I will be keeping this guide basic and simple as I have never made a guide before and this will be my first




Step one when you begin you will choose your game mode

Regular, fast xp                                                                                                 

Legend, slower xp but 7.5% bonus xp

Ironman, doesn't have access to shops so increased difficulty

Deadman, everything gets reset when you die (In my opinion most difficult)


Step two, Training 

Training is the next crucial step towards becoming a strong doomscape player!!

I recommend you decide what combat style you want to use first


It is also recommended you go to pikkupstix and get 2 to 3 spirit wolf pouches

You can then use the wolf pouches as you train to train summoning (at 85 you get a mini me)

When you feel you are ready say ::train

This will take you to rock crabs! level 13 low def tier monsters

I recommend you train here until you have a fairly high combat level



Step three

Giant skeletons/hill Giants

The next step I Recommend is to kill hill giants and collect their bones to train your prayer

Once you have gathered enough bones you can press the prayer icon in the skills tab to teleport you to an alter

Use your big bones in a un noted format on the alter to gain bonus xp instead of burying

once you hit around 45 prayer you're ready for the money making step.


the final step

Collect prayer pots around 4/5 and a spade

you can get them from general store

use ::barrows to teleport to barrows

Dig around the chest while protecting from magic and kill the ahrims

every ten kills you will get access to the chest and get a guaranteed barrows item

sometimes they even drop on the floor,

then you have the choice of alching them for money or keeping them to use in combat

this is the most efficient way of training and making money I feel, don't forget to use your summoning :) 


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Nice guide Jordy, appreciate the effort you've went to. If you'd like we can speak on how to insert pictures- Just send a message 🙂

Edited by Fucs
Figuring out how to properly insert images

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