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Jackie Chan

Dungeoneering in DoomScape!

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You've found your way here in search of dungeoneering experience on DoomScape...

So, our dungeoneering system works via. killing a boss to reward you with dungeoneering exp, as such it is awarded passively as you engage in PVM.

Below is a simple explaination of how the dungeoneering experience is calculated.

There is a base experience reward of 2,250 per "tier" of boss and the tiers are listed below:

Giant Mole -         1
Slash Bash -         1
King Black Dragon -     2
General Graar'dor -     3
K'ril Tsustaroth -     3
Hobgoblin Geomancer -     3
Sea Troll Queen -     3
Commander Zilyana -     4
Bork -             4
Skeletal Horror -     4
Scorpia -         4*
Corporeal Beast -             5
Penance Queen -     5
Chaos Elemental -     5*
Vet'ion -         5*
Callisto -         5*
Kalphite Queen -    5
Kree'arra -         5
Jad -             6
n -         7
Nex -             8
Zulrah -         8*
Cerberus -         8*
Venenatis -         8*
Decaying Avatar -         9*
Warrior of Doomscape -     10*
Nomad -         10

*These bosses may not currently be supported, but we will be looking into a fix.

For example, Giant Mole gives 2,250 dungeoneering experience whilst Nomad awards a whopping 22,500.

If you are to kill these bosses in a group, the experience will be divided by 1.11 per person that is in the team: And everybody in the team will receive that amount of experience. Nomad in a 10 man group will receive 8,675 experience per person in that team!

The reason for this much-needed change was to balance dungeoneering experience rates, as they were unfeasibly slow and we plan to add more features to the dungeoneering skill in the future.


**Thanks to Bepis and Doom for helping!

Good luck with your journey to becoming true dungeon masters!

- Fucs & Bepis


Edited by Fucs
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