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Efficient Zulrah Guide

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Hello guys I'm gonna teach you how to do Zulrah efficiently 

first step is stats 

99+ ranged (for decent accuracy and damage)

70+ prayer (needed to keep prayer up during the whole fight)

second step is gear 

this is a chart showing top 3 item setups 






Void ranger helm

Robin hood hat

Robin Hood hat


Elite void chest

Morrigans Leather Chest

Karil’s leather top


Elite Void legs

Morrigan’s leather chaps

Karil’s leather skirt


Blowpipe w rune(p) darts

Blowpipe w rune darts

Blowpipe w rune darts


Ring of Devotion

Ring of vigor

Archers ring (i)


Amulet of ranging

Amulet of Fury

Amulet of glory


Max Cape

Ava’s accumulator

Ava’s accumulator



Ranger boots

Snakeskin boots


Void gloves

Barrows gloves

Black dhide vamps

*disclaimer* blowpipe is 100% necessary to do Zulrah efficiently.


Step three is inventory set up



this setup allows for maximum kills and best use of inventory slots. 

the best way to use this food is to use 3 sips of Sara brew and then 1 dose of super restore to even your ranging level back to normal

use a ranging pot at the beginning of each kill.

*if you own a ring of wealth or Ring of wealth (i) this can be added into inventory and equipped at the end of the kill for drop rate bonus*


so now that you have the gear and inventory set up perfectly.. time to learn how to kill

to start each kill you want to activate these prayers 


Zulrah will always hit with magic first on each kill

Then, you want to change your prayers according to which phase ( color ) Zulrah is in



red is the belle phase and this only happen when Zulrah is inside the moon shaped island



blue is the Magic phase and Zulrah can be in this phase anywhere in the arena, including the middle



Green is the most dangerous phase because you need to pray ranged, but he also shoots the frogs at you which can hit up to a 43 magic damage.



The Spec on the Topic Blowpipe is very valuable during this fight. It does increased damage and restore 50% of your hp (can overheal you up to 1600) 

To use this most effectively, use it at the very start of the fight so it is building up right at the start, effectively wasting no time on your spec. 

I typically use it on the red (melee) phase because that is when I take the most damage. You can also save you spec for sticky situations for a quick full heal. 


What should you expect to get from Zulrah?785384661_ScreenShot2018-06-14at6_16_32PM.thumb.png.3751ed573791936a74b2feff46877a6d.png794394792_ScreenShot2018-06-14at6_16_11PM.thumb.png.4462f5df9938187bcd488b97e34460c7.png


The Null items shown on the drop tables are as follows : Serpentine Helmet, Toxic Blowpipe, 500 Zulrah Scales, and the Zulrah pet which can come in all the colors (Red, Blue, Green) 


This is the end of the guide I hope you guys have fun camping Zulrah ! 

*thanks to Jedna for the screenshots and gear guides*




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Awesome guide! Biggest help for me is the inventory layout. Went from one kill a trip to minimum 3! Just need blowpipe now lol

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