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DoomScape Command guide

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Here you can find our current commands we have in-game, maybe I forgot a few.
If so, please tell me and I'll add them to the list!

::drops - opens the drop page 


::forums - opens the forums
::wheel - opens Wheel of Fortune
::ads/::ref - opens refer a friend page

::discord - gives you an invite to our discord server
::7cards/::cards - opens our card page, its fun! 
::rules - opens our rule page
::guides - Here you can find all guides made by players
::updates - Opens forums to our updates section
::commands - shows your current commands for all players
::bug - if you found any bug, you can report them here
::suggestion - if you got any suggestions, you can post them here
::staff-list - shows the current online staff members



::lms - teleports you to last man standing
::bossing - teleports you to the bossing room
::barrows - teleports you to barrows minigame
::duel - teleports you to duel arena



::details - Shows all your account details in an interface
::char - Ability to change your characters look
::time - Show how much time you have played ingame.
::max - shows your current max hit.




::vote - opens the vote page
::voted - claim your vote ingame
::donate - opens the donation page
::donated - claim your donation ingame
::rewards - opens dialogue with all special shops


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Hey Umi, or any other staff member. This thread needs to be updated to reflect all current commands. One that I know that isn't up here is ::title-reset. I am unsure of others and an updated list will keep the players up to date with the commands that they can use! 

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