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Indepth Herblore guide

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Hello guys. I've been working on this guide for quite a while hopefully this helps  some of you.

First of all you want to teleport to home and run towards the shopkeeper North-West And talk to this funny looking guy


2134pe.png 2rogcbk.jpg


The herblore store is located in the Skilling resources and click Skilling resources 2 as shown below




These are the rates the experience

Level 1  Grimy guam - 45xp
Level 1  Attack potion - 375xp (Vial of water - Clean guam - Eye of newt)

Level 5  Grimy marrentill - 60xp 
Level 5  Antipoison - 570xp (Vial of water - Clean marrentill - Unicorn horn dust)

Level 11 Grimy Tarromin - 75xp
Level 12 Strengt potion - 750xp (Vial of water - Clean Tarromin - Limpwurt root)

Level 20 Grimy harralander - 270xp
Level 22 restore potion - 2.835xp (Vial of water - Clean Harralander - Red Spider's eggs)

Level 25 Grimy ranarr - 360xp
level 30 Defence potion - 3.375xp (Vial of water - Clean Ranarr - White berries)

Level 40 Grimy irit - 405xp
Level 45 Super attack Potion - 4.500xp (Vial of water - Clean Irit - Eye of newt)

Level 48 grimy avantoe - 450xp
Level 52 Super energy potion - 5.310xp (Vial of water - Clean Avantoe - Mort myre fungi)

Level 54 Grimy Kwuarm - 495xp
Level 55 Super Strength Potion - 5.625xp (Vial of water - Clean Kwuarm - Limpwurt root)

Level 59 Grimy Snapdragon - 540xp
Level 63 Super restore Potion - 6.435xp (Vial of water - Clean Snapdragon - Red spider's eggs)

Level 65 Grimy Cadantine - 585xp
Level 66 Super Defence Potion - 6.750xp (Vial of water - Clean Cadantine - White berries)

level 67 Grimy Lantadyme - 585xp
Level 69 Anti-Fire Potion - 7.110xp (Vial of water - Clean Lantadyme - Dragon scale dust)

Level 70 Grimy Dwarf Weed - 630xp
Level 72 Ranging Potion - 7.335xp (Vial of water - Clean Dwarf weed - Wine of zamorak)

Level 75 Grimy torstol - 675xp
Level 78 Zaradomin brew - 7.875xp (Vial of water - Clean Tortsol - Jangerberries)

Level 30 Grimy Toadflax - 360xp
Level 81 Saradomin Brew - 8.100xp (Vial of water - Clean Toadflax - Crushed Bird's nest)

Level 88 Extreme Attack potion - 9.900xp (Super Attack (3) - Clean avantoe)
Level 89 Extreme Strength potion - XXXXXX
Level 90 Extreme Defence potion - 10.800xp (super defence (3) - Clean Lantadyme)
Level 91 Extreme Magic Potion - XXXXXX
Level 92 Extreme Ranging potion - XXXXXX
Level 92 Overload - XXXXXXX

Extreme Potions Have to be Made with Doses of (3) otherwise it wont work. 



Overloads are glitched at the moment. So are Extreme range, magic and strength as soon as Doom fixes them il update

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