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Found 3 results

  1. Jackie Chan


    Mining Mining is a skill in EliteScape. Mining involves extracting ore from rocks, which can be smelted and Smithed into armour (Using Smithing[link?]). It can be levelled through gaining experience, often abbreviated as XP. Gain XP by Mining the ore from various rocks. To get started, travel to the Mining area- Click Mining in your skills tab. Return to Skills page here: Skills
  2. BECOME A DWARF Mining + Smithing + ₋ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ₋ .Introduction. Tired of being able to reach the top shelf? Do you aspire to become the next Wee man? Or are you just looking for a cool sounding diagnosis(Achondroplasia) to add to your Tinder resume? Search no further! Everyone knows that Dwarves are cave dwellers... If you want to become one, you need to adapt to their way of life! Since most of you already live in caves known as "Your parents home" all you lack is an amputation and a job in your local mine. Numbers listed in this guide are calculated as if you had 0% Bonus XP rate. ₋ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ₋ .Regular versus Donator. When it comes to Mining and Smithing - being a donator really helps. Aside from the fact that you gain 15% bonus XP as a donator, the Donator zone Mining/Smithing area is by far superior. There are 3 reasons for this: Shorter distance between Rocks and Furnace. In donatorzone Mining / Smithing you can easily walk from the rocks to the furnace, the regular Mining / Smithing area is separated by a hill that you have to pass. The fastest way of getting around is by teleporting using the Skill icons This will teleport you directly to the area, saving you some running. Bank booth rather than Banker Having a bank booth means you can access your bank with one click, rather than go through a bothersome conversation with the banker. > Only 1 square distance between the 2 anvils. This allows for a great increase in efficiency by utilizing both anvils at the same time. ₋ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ₋ .Donator Technique. The reason that the 1 square distance between the anvils is imperative is because you can utilize both at the same time. This greatly increases your efficiency! By having a big supply of Bars you can skip the bothersome proces of smithing them from ores, which takes time and doesn't grant much XP. Step 1: Position yourself between the two anvils and use your bar on one of the anvils. Step 2: Create 10 of the item you would like to smith. Step 3: As soon as the bar is consumed from your inventory (approximately after 3 seconds) Use another bar on the other anvil. Step 4: Create 10 again - it doesn't have to be the same item. You need to be fast! What is important is timing! If click too early you will simply cancel the initial animation. If you're too slow the animation is also cancelled. Practice makes perfect! Keep trying - eventually it will feel natural. ₋ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ₋ .Attire for Dwarves. Contrary to popular beliefs, dwarves doesn't wear baby clothing. Claiming that is discrimination, you should feel ashamed. They do however LOVE to wear things that may boost their experience gain! Sadly, these items are hard to come by and fairly expensive... A full set of Golden Mining Armour increases the Mining experience you gain by 6%. Brawling Gloves: If you can't get your hands on such a fine set of clothes - the next best option is Brawling Gloves (Mining). For Smithing, the only possible increase is the Brawling Gloves (Smithing). Brawling gloves increases XP gained by 3,571428571% The number may seem insignificant, but remember - small strokes fell great oaks. XP: Speaking of XP bonuses, you should always strive to use Vote Tickets/Reward Tokens (They cost 1 Vote point for 1 token) They will increase your XP gained by 15% for a one hour duration. Since Smithing and Mining is a discipline that requires patience, you might want to wait for the Weekend XP bonus to speed the otherwise slow progress slightly up. What pickaxe does a good dwarf use? As a dwarf, it's obvious that you want your main tool to be the best of the best! A reliable partner that will follow you in every cave - through every mineral! But when is the last time you saw a Dwarf with a Dragon pickaxe? Dwarves realised long ago how stupid it was to invest lots of gold in fancy picks. The speed of a Bronze Pickaxe is the exact same as if it was a Primal Pickaxe. Save your Money! Don't buy expensive Pickaxes. ₋ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ₋ .What should I Mine?. Requirements: What should you mine? To some the obvious choice may be to mine the best mineral your level allows. However in Doomscape it is not that simple. You might be asking yourself - why stick with Iron from 15 to 55? The reason is that coal isn't needed to smith bars on Doomscape. 1 Iron ore can either be smithed into 1 Iron bar or 1 Steel bar. Gold ores can be smithed into Gold bars, but Gold bars are used for Crafting and not Smithing, thus they're not useful for a grind to 99. ₋ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ₋ .What should I Smith?. Requirements: When you train Smithing there's not a single correct way of doing it. You can choose to Smith that which gives you the most XP, That which will let you train other skills such as Fletching (Dart tips, Arrow tips, Bolts) Or that which you can sell to make some money in the progress (probably Dart Tips as well...) In this post we will take a look at the XP gained pr. bar to calculate the most cost efficient method to 99. Here are the three paths that I would suggest using towards 99 or 120 Smithing. The "Smithing Normal 99" and "Smithing 99 -> Fletching" are choices that suggest you train Mining parallel to gather Ores and Smith them into Bars. "Smithing fast 99" is different from the "Smithing Normal 99" since it doesn't upgrade material until there's a better XP/Bar option. For it to work optimally you need to have the bars prepared, not ores. The "Smithing Normal 99" goes from Mithril Bolts which has 1874 XP/Bar to Adamant 'Whatever' which has 1550 XP/Bar. The reason it does this, is because the XP you get from Smithing a bar of Adamant rather than a bar of Mithril makes up for the lost XP/Bar. This isn't the fastest way though - The fastest way is when you already have the Bars you need and Smith the items with highest XP/Bar. TL;DR: "Smithing fast 99" Requires you to purchase Bars. You can either purchase Bars from Tati (Regular Mining area) or Nurmof (Donatorzone Mining area) - or players. The best/cheapest way of obtaining Rune and Adamant Bars is with Credits. Assuming you have any. ::rewards -> Credits shop (Fourth option) Every item you can smith: Thank you for reading! As always, please leave feedback below . I hope I didn't offend anyone with this Dwarf-guide. ~ Bepis
  3. Jake

    Jake's Mining Guide

    Hello guys :D! Today ive got a mining guide for you all Ok so a pickaxe is all you need for this, then open your spell book and do the following! Here is the rocks you will be using to get 99: (Red)Copper and tin (Yellow)Iron (Green)Coal (Blue)Gold (Purple)Mithril (White)Adamant (Pink) Runite From levels 1-15 you will be mining cooper and tin ore. From levels 15-30 you will be mining iron ore. From levels 30-40 you will be mining coal ore. From levels 40-55 you will be mining gold ore. From levels 55-70 you will be mining mithril ore. From levels 70-85 you will be mining adamant ore. From levels 85-99 you will be mining runite ore. This is the best way to 99 mining, i advise you bank all ores to use for smithing! -Jake
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