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  1. BECOME A DWARF Mining + Smithing + ₋ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ₋ .Introduction. Tired of being able to reach the top shelf? Do you aspire to become the next Wee man? Or are you just looking for a cool sounding diagnosis(Achondroplasia) to add to your Tinder resume? Search no further! Everyone knows that Dwarves are cave dwellers... If you want to become one, you need to adapt to their way of life! Since most of you already live in caves known as "Your parents home" all you lack is an amputation and a job in your local mine. Numbers listed in this guide are calculated as if you had 0% Bonus XP rate. ₋ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ₋ .Regular versus Donator. When it comes to Mining and Smithing - being a donator really helps. Aside from the fact that you gain 15% bonus XP as a donator, the Donator zone Mining/Smithing area is by far superior. There are 3 reasons for this: Shorter distance between Rocks and Furnace. In donatorzone Mining / Smithing you can easily walk from the rocks to the furnace, the regular Mining / Smithing area is separated by a hill that you have to pass. The fastest way of getting around is by teleporting using the Skill icons This will teleport you directly to the area, saving you some running. Bank booth rather than Banker Having a bank booth means you can access your bank with one click, rather than go through a bothersome conversation with the banker. > Only 1 square distance between the 2 anvils. This allows for a great increase in efficiency by utilizing both anvils at the same time. ₋ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ₋ .Donator Technique. The reason that the 1 square distance between the anvils is imperative is because you can utilize both at the same time. This greatly increases your efficiency! By having a big supply of Bars you can skip the bothersome proces of smithing them from ores, which takes time and doesn't grant much XP. Step 1: Position yourself between the two anvils and use your bar on one of the anvils. Step 2: Create 10 of the item you would like to smith. Step 3: As soon as the bar is consumed from your inventory (approximately after 3 seconds) Use another bar on the other anvil. Step 4: Create 10 again - it doesn't have to be the same item. You need to be fast! What is important is timing! If click too early you will simply cancel the initial animation. If you're too slow the animation is also cancelled. Practice makes perfect! Keep trying - eventually it will feel natural. ₋ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ₋ .Attire for Dwarves. Contrary to popular beliefs, dwarves doesn't wear baby clothing. Claiming that is discrimination, you should feel ashamed. They do however LOVE to wear things that may boost their experience gain! Sadly, these items are hard to come by and fairly expensive... A full set of Golden Mining Armour increases the Mining experience you gain by 6%. Brawling Gloves: If you can't get your hands on such a fine set of clothes - the next best option is Brawling Gloves (Mining). For Smithing, the only possible increase is the Brawling Gloves (Smithing). Brawling gloves increases XP gained by 3,571428571% The number may seem insignificant, but remember - small strokes fell great oaks. XP: Speaking of XP bonuses, you should always strive to use Vote Tickets/Reward Tokens (They cost 1 Vote point for 1 token) They will increase your XP gained by 15% for a one hour duration. Since Smithing and Mining is a discipline that requires patience, you might want to wait for the Weekend XP bonus to speed the otherwise slow progress slightly up. What pickaxe does a good dwarf use? As a dwarf, it's obvious that you want your main tool to be the best of the best! A reliable partner that will follow you in every cave - through every mineral! But when is the last time you saw a Dwarf with a Dragon pickaxe? Dwarves realised long ago how stupid it was to invest lots of gold in fancy picks. The speed of a Bronze Pickaxe is the exact same as if it was a Primal Pickaxe. Save your Money! Don't buy expensive Pickaxes. ₋ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ₋ .What should I Mine?. Requirements: What should you mine? To some the obvious choice may be to mine the best mineral your level allows. However in Doomscape it is not that simple. You might be asking yourself - why stick with Iron from 15 to 55? The reason is that coal isn't needed to smith bars on Doomscape. 1 Iron ore can either be smithed into 1 Iron bar or 1 Steel bar. Gold ores can be smithed into Gold bars, but Gold bars are used for Crafting and not Smithing, thus they're not useful for a grind to 99. ₋ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ⊹ ~ ₋ .What should I Smith?. Requirements: When you train Smithing there's not a single correct way of doing it. You can choose to Smith that which gives you the most XP, That which will let you train other skills such as Fletching (Dart tips, Arrow tips, Bolts) Or that which you can sell to make some money in the progress (probably Dart Tips as well...) In this post we will take a look at the XP gained pr. bar to calculate the most cost efficient method to 99. Here are the three paths that I would suggest using towards 99 or 120 Smithing. The "Smithing Normal 99" and "Smithing 99 -> Fletching" are choices that suggest you train Mining parallel to gather Ores and Smith them into Bars. "Smithing fast 99" is different from the "Smithing Normal 99" since it doesn't upgrade material until there's a better XP/Bar option. For it to work optimally you need to have the bars prepared, not ores. The "Smithing Normal 99" goes from Mithril Bolts which has 1874 XP/Bar to Adamant 'Whatever' which has 1550 XP/Bar. The reason it does this, is because the XP you get from Smithing a bar of Adamant rather than a bar of Mithril makes up for the lost XP/Bar. This isn't the fastest way though - The fastest way is when you already have the Bars you need and Smith the items with highest XP/Bar. TL;DR: "Smithing fast 99" Requires you to purchase Bars. You can either purchase Bars from Tati (Regular Mining area) or Nurmof (Donatorzone Mining area) - or players. The best/cheapest way of obtaining Rune and Adamant Bars is with Credits. Assuming you have any. ::rewards -> Credits shop (Fourth option) Every item you can smith: Thank you for reading! As always, please leave feedback below . I hope I didn't offend anyone with this Dwarf-guide. ~ Bepis
  2. My Personal Skitizo Setup Why should you do Skotizo? Skotizo is incredible loot. Entirely safe & rudimentarilly simple. Once you get the hang of it you'll be a billionaire. Bare in mind that Skotizo is a group boss, and I recommend no less than a team of 7. Loot is randomly split amongst 3 players, with a fourth extra loot roll for doing the most damage that kill. To find out more about the potential drops of Skotizo, type the command below into public chat in-game: How do I get to Skotizo? Simply type the command below into public chat in-game, join your team's select clan chat (One of you must be leader, and then the leader clicks the altar to begin): Gear My setup is a Ranged one, you do excellent Solo DPS and will win a lot of DPS loots if you use a Mini with equal gear. Void Ranged Helm Necklace of Anguish (or) Max Cape Elite Void Knight Top Elite Void Knight Robe Pegasian Boots (Old- Dropped by Warrior of DoomScape) Void Knight Gloves Ring of Wealth (i) Ring of Vigour Ring Of Devotion Sagittarian Shortbow (b) Toxic Blowpipe I also use a Mini Me Familiar with equivalent gear: Various pieces of gear could be downgraded, on a tighter budget I would recommend: 1, 4, 5, 1: Void > Pernix > Armadyl 2: Necklace of Anguish (or) / Necklace of Anguish > Amulet Of Ranging > Amulet Of Fury 3: Max Cape > Ava's Accumulator 6: Old Pegasian Boots > New Pegasian Boots > Ranger Boots 8: Ring of Wealth (i) > Ring of Wealth 10: Ring of Devotion > Archers Ring (i) > Archers Ring 11: Sagittarian Shortbow (b) > Chaotic Crossbow > Zaryte Bow 7: Flame Gloves>Barrows Gloves, if NOT using Void Inventory In your inventory, you should have Ring of Wealth (i), Ring of Vigour & Toxic Blowpipe. Blowpipe is the number 1 DPS weapon for ranged, followed by Sagittarian Shortbow (b). The reason I carry an alternate weapon is to not waste my money by using Scales in masses, Sagittarian Shortbow (b)(4) does a great job. Ring of Vigour (3) saves 5% of your Special Attack Energy when using Blowpipe(4)'s Special to heal yourself for 600 (At 120 HP), this can overheal to 1800 at the start of a kill and negates Overload (1) damage. Noted Cooked Sharks(6) for feeding Mini Me, Rocktails are quite expensive for them. Overload - Stat Boosting Potion: The recipe is a reward from Nein Lives (Quest) and requires completion to be crafted. Ring of Wealth (i): As above. Ring of Vigour: As above. Toxic Blowpipe / Sagittarian Shortbow (b): Respectively. Super Restore (4): To restore Prayer / Stats if necessary. Cooked Sharks (Noted): Feeding Mini Me Rocktails: Lots of these will be needed as Food. Following this, you only need to know about what to do during the fight: There are two crucial mechanics, and something to keep in mind. He follows the same overhead chat as Omega, asking if you'd like to eat rocks for breakfast. At this point, you should move away from your current position. You have to stand somewhere nobody else was, or you were. Minis are also hit by rocks. *Should you and any member of your team FAIL to do this, the boss will heal a great amount. Skotizo has a huge damage potential, I've been hit as many times as 5 in a row by his melee attack, which has a potential to do 57 damage. During this point is normally when I use my second Blowpipe spec (and the first is used when I consume a dose of Overload). His Magic attack will hit all players in the area, typically the damage is quite low. Note that if the instance clan chat leader dies, the boss fight will come to an abrupt end.
  3. My Omega Setup I am pretty happy with how consistently I've been killing Omega & getting the loot roll for top DPS. Below I'll cover what I use in my setup, this gear is attainable and realistic for all players and relatively affordable. Omega is located at ::omega, it drops exceptional loot. Good for a small team! Equipment Void melee helm Max cape (can be replaced with Infernal cape/TokHaar-kal) Blood necklace (b) (can be replaced with Amulet of torture/Amulet of fury) Elite void knight top Elite void knight robe (Legs) Void knight gloves Primordial Boots (id. 12710, can be replaced with "New Prims", Primal boots/Steadfast boots) Korasi's sword Vesta's longsword Ring of devotion Ring of wealth Ring of vigour Dragon Defender Divine spirit shield (Optional) Inventory Currently my setup is along the lines of: 5 Saradomin Brew (4) 2 Super Restore (4) Extreme Attack (3) Extreme Strength (3) Coins (Any amount, just so I don't lose any accidentally when dropped to Inventory from monsters.) Ring of vigour Ring of wealth Korasi's sword Divine spirit shield (Optional) Alter the quantities as you see necessary, obviously. Notes The reason that I use void is to have a positive magic bonus, this affects Korasi's sword special attack. It will only hit with a positive magic bonus. The recipe for Extreme attack is : Super Attack (3) + Clean Avantoe The recipe for Extreme strength is : Clean Ranarr + Clean Dwarf Weed Extreme strength recipe is currently a bug, as of 20/08/2018, and will presumably be updated to Super strength, not Ranarr Saradomin brews are panic food for dangerous situations where you are on low health, or emergency food in the occasion that you run out. A last resort. Divine spirit shield is extremely useful for the minions phase, will reduce the risk of dying. Ring of vigour saves 5% special energy each time you special attack, this adds up! Ring of wealth is for switching into at the end, prioritise keeping Ring of devotion on! If you are new, make sure to move to where nobody else (including you) was standing where they were (including you) when he says the phrase: Good luck with your Omega loots! Please Rep if it helped Click vvvvvvv
  4. Last Man Standing A guide to the fair Player-Versus-Player minigame- under construction. What is it? A PVP Minigame with NO REQUIREMENTS. Consisting of 5 rounds, each one with stronger gear than the last. You can jump right in as a newcomer. Your stats and equipment will be set to the same as everybody elses every round. How do I get there?! ::lms, or World Map>Minigames>Last Man Standing How do I begin? Move to the end of this arrow, and then you will be added to the game, or to the lobby if there is no game. How do I win? Your goal is to the last man standing, kill all opponents and travel to safe areas. You will see DANGER: Go N steps (Your compass is broken, won't tell you which direction, this is intentional) and once you get close enough to the zone, an arrow will show on your minimap. You must stay close or you will take damage from gas/fog, increasing if you are outside of the safe zone for too long. Anything else I should know? When you're dead, you can fight with other players to practise your skills and keep your hands warm between rounds (some can last a while, and will not end until the timer expires). As of 15/07/2018 - You will receive points for kills, and more points per round won based on how many people participated in that round. REWARDS? The rewards are a grind- But you will be justly rewarded with amazing cosmetics, or insane gear. Best of luck to you all. Enjoy! Regards, -Fucs 😎
  5. So, you want to take on the Barrows Brothers with more of a challenge? Look no further, Rise of The Six is your place to go. Easy to enter, located at : ::rots You will see this location on teleport (You will be familiar with it as Barrows). If you wish to duo with a player, right click them here, and select DUO-with. After this, they can choose to accept or ignore the invitation. You will be notified when you are partnered up After arrival, talk to the Wise Old Man, he's the NPC wearing the blue partyhat, blue cape and brown robes, with a staff. You will begin a moderately long dialogue, towards the end of which you will be presented with a choice: To begin the encounter, take the potion. Your character will proceed to drink the strange liquid and then collapse on the floor. After which, you will wake up inside a cave presented only with a chest: Continue with the dialogue, and choose the first option 'Take control of the dream' to begin the minigame... Or choose the second option 'Wake me up!' if you're scared- This option returns you to Barrows. If you miss the dialogue, somehow cancelling it. Simply click the chest to begin. Now the fight begins! Within seconds of choosing to take control, the ground will shake, and the barrows brothers will spawn! You will fight many brothers at once, and you or your partner cannot die in order to complete the minigame! Once you have completed 2 waves of Brothers, your reward will be added to your inventory/inventories. The best loot you can receive is Crystal of Power, currently valued at 25B+ at the time of this guide being written! Best of luck! Regards, -Fucs😎
  6. This is Jordy's guide to being new here at doomscape, I hope it helps and you enjoy it I will be keeping this guide basic and simple as I have never made a guide before and this will be my first Step one when you begin you will choose your game mode Regular, fast xp Legend, slower xp but 7.5% bonus xp Ironman, doesn't have access to shops so increased difficulty Deadman, everything gets reset when you die (In my opinion most difficult) Step two, Training Training is the next crucial step towards becoming a strong doomscape player!! I recommend you decide what combat style you want to use first Melee,Range,Magic It is also recommended you go to pikkupstix and get 2 to 3 spirit wolf pouches You can then use the wolf pouches as you train to train summoning (at 85 you get a mini me) When you feel you are ready say ::train This will take you to rock crabs! level 13 low def tier monsters I recommend you train here until you have a fairly high combat level Step three Giant skeletons/hill Giants The next step I Recommend is to kill hill giants and collect their bones to train your prayer Once you have gathered enough bones you can press the prayer icon in the skills tab to teleport you to an alter Use your big bones in a un noted format on the alter to gain bonus xp instead of burying once you hit around 45 prayer you're ready for the money making step. the final step Collect prayer pots around 4/5 and a spade you can get them from general store use ::barrows to teleport to barrows Dig around the chest while protecting from magic and kill the ahrims every ten kills you will get access to the chest and get a guaranteed barrows item sometimes they even drop on the floor, then you have the choice of alching them for money or keeping them to use in combat this is the most efficient way of training and making money I feel, don't forget to use your summoning
  7. Bepis


    CONSTRUCTION Requirements: 50M + X Credits (at least 2000) depending on xp bonus TL;DR: If you're familiar with Doomscape Construction and only wish to see the most cost efficient way from 1-120: Getting Started: In order to train Construction, you need credits! You can check how many credits you have by typing ::rewards, this will open a chat window. - Enter the "Credits Shop" This will grant you access to the Credits Shop where you can buy a variety of supplies and cosmetic items. As for Construction, we only enter the shop to check how many credits we have which is shown next to the name of the shop. You earn credits simply by playing Doomscape. Various things such as completing Slayer tasks, defeating bosses etc. grants extra credits. Once you've ascertained that you have sufficient credits to train Construction, go ::home and speak to the Estate Agent, located North of the Edgeville Home Bank. Start off by purchasing a house, this will consume the 50M. Now that we have our house, let's have Senpai Estate Agent teach us how it's done! Very informative ... Since his "How to Guide" was so detailed, let's ask him politely for a spade. He then hands you a spade. He does this EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU ASK HIM. I wonder how many spades he has and where he hides them. After you've robbed him of 5 to 7 spades to satisfy your greed, enter Bulding mode. You then appear at the place where you will be building your new home! An empty Void with abseloutely nothing within sight aside from a portal. #PerfectNeighbourhood Rooms and requirements: Just as Senpai Real Estate man instructed - we shall dig a plot with our spade and create a room! By clicking on the spade in our inventory, we get the option to create rooms ~ If we are dissatisfied with the room we built, we dig once more in the same spot and Delete it. Here's a list of the rooms currently available: The room "Formal Garden" has no furniture spaces, thus it wont reappear in the guide. Construction Experience: By building 'furniture' we gain Construction experience. The experience gained is not directly connected to the level required or the amount of credits required, thus we must rely on "XP pr. Credit" to calculate the most cost-efficient training method. Before we explore the XP gained from every room and every piece of furniture, we must first understand the XP system! When playing Doomscape, you usually receive bonus XP. On weekends a normal player might receive 1.65X xp, and a donator has 15% increase on top of that. If you then consume a Vote Ticket to gain an additional 15% xp bonus, you could end up getting 1.95x XP. In order for you to be able to properly calculate how much XP you gain I've created an Excel document in which you can enter how much bonus xp you receive. That will automatically update the numbers to match your account. As seen below: >>> Excel document download <<< All the rooms. All the furniture. The XP and XP pr. 1 Credit are all listed as if you received NO bonus xp. Meaning rather than 1.65x it's 1x. This is the amount of experience you would normally get from doing Construction in Doomscape. You can see your own numbers by downloading the Excel document above. Parlour: Kitchen: "Barrel Space" is unique. Some of the barrels has a cooking level requirement. Cider Barrel: Level 11 Asgernian Ale Barrel: Level 24 Greenmans Ale Barrel: Level 29 Dragon Bitter Barrel: Level 39 Dining Room: Workshop: Bedroom: Study: Chapel: Portal Chamber: Costume Room: Throne Room: Portal Garden: (the room you start in) COST EFFICIENCY Now that we know how much XP each piece of furniture grants us ~ We can calculate the fastest way to 99! Theoretically you could just stick to the Crude Wooden chair all the way and not spend a single credit 😮 #LifeHack You'd have to craft it over 10000 times even with an 1.95x xp rate though... Here I calculated how many credits it would cost me to go from 1-120 with a 1.95x xp rate (1.65 Weekend bonus + 1.15 Donator status + 1.15 Vote ticket bonus) With mere 2000 credits you can become 99 Construction. With an additional 3500ish~ credits you can become 120 Construction. A special thanks to @tarrath for helping me with the Excel document & @alam for teaching me how to remove the bonus percentage of xp gained. As always, thank you for reading! Feel free to leave feedback in the comment section below! ~ Bepis
  8. Woodcutting Guide For Beginners This is a simple guide to those who are new to this game or just are a little lost with this skill. Woodcutting is really simple and really time consuming (most of the time waiting for new trees to grow). But still really good skill to max out in the start or in the end when you have already maxed other skills. You can learn all about this skill without this guide, but if you don't want to learn it all by your self, here's my guide to woodcutting. 1. Getting Started There's almost nothing you need to get started. You can always buy better hatchets to make chopping faster, or you can just run the whole trip to 99 with only iron and rune hatchets. To get to Seer's Village just simply go to Skill tab and press Woodcutting. HINT: If you want to, take your tinderbox with you to level up firemaking And now you are here! Where most of our cutting action will happen! Red - Normal trees and Oak trees Blue - Willow trees and Maple trees Orange - Yew trees There also are Magic trees if you go down from the Yew trees, but we are going to cut them in different location. 2. Chop Chop Chop! Now to get started with cutting. Level 1 - 15: Tree 781 exp Logs value in General Store: 1,500 gp Level 15 - 30: Oak 1,171 exp Logs value in General Store: 2,500gp Level 30 - 45: Willow 2,109 exp Logs value in General Store: 3,500gp Level 45 - 60: Maple 3,125 exp Logs value in General Store: 5,000gp Level 60 - 75: Yew 5,468 exp Logs value in General Store: 9,000gp 3. Time For Magic! Well now that your a master of chopping down trees with your fancy lumberjack beard and red shirt you are ready for the last tree you need to cut. Magic trees! Now you could just stay in Seer's village and run your back and forth to bank your logs. OR you could just teleport to Duel Arena. Near duel arena there's Mage Training Arena where you can find 2 Magic trees. One in both sides of the building. In my opinion its way more faster to chop down magic trees here and run to the duel arena to bank your logs (or just teleport back to duel arena if your lazy). Red - Bank chest And now... Level 75 - 99: Magic 7,812 exp Logs value in General Store: 25,000gp And now it's nothing more but running back and forth hauling your logs. Easy as that and nothing really complicated. Go back to Home and buy your skillcape. Enjoy and good luck! See you on the server!
  9. 0161

    Nein Lives Guide

    I will hopefully make this the easiest quest of your life. (Please make sure you have all the required Levels:- 96 Herblore, 90 Slayer and 85 Farming) Please follow guide as much as possible as i am to save you as much time as i can. What you are going to need:- 7 Lumbridge Teleports; 70 Credit Points; and Strong Armour (Melee Recommended) Step 1, You are going to want to save yourself some time by buying 1 Lumbridge Teleport from the Mage store (Magic Tutor) located at home under Weapons & Runes. Speed things up do ::Shops Step 2, Use the teleport and go to speak to the Priest of Guthix located standing next to the alter. (You have now started the Quest) You will now see the poor Priest has lost his cat. Step 3, We need to now go and find the Oracle. Your going to start by Teleporting back home and running west to the Snow mountains. somewhere around the red dot you will find her. Step 4, You have to go speak to the Elf Tracker at (XXXXX) Use the Agility teleport (by clicking here) ; Click Barbarian Course Find him *Hes in the course* As you will see hes very rude and a bit annoying, just agree to owe him a favour it is worth it Step 5, the Elf Tracker didn't really make this clear, but you need to now go back to the Ice Mountains and speak to the Oracle. Step 6, Yes i know that was very pointless, now use another Teleport and go back to lumbridge and speak to the priest. Step 7, ((For this step i suggest having a STRONG Armour and a full inventory of fish) What you are about to kill is very strong) You will find a rock that takes you underground in the graveyard. After you have FINALLY killed that beast you are going to want to use another Lumbridge teleport as the stairs do not work. Take the Cats fur back to the priest . Step 8, Back to the Elf Tracker we go (Barbarian Course) Step 9, Back to the the cave in the graveyard we go. Step 10, Now we are going to need to get the Magic potion to get Bob the cat to be able to survive. For this Step we are going to need Magic Secateurs and Antifire (4), you can get these at the Credit Store (::rewards) Teleport to the Agility Course in the wilderness. You are going to want to now find the Vine. (Cut more than one) Step 11, Back to the Oracle (before you go make sure you un-note the anitfire) Step 12, Back to Lumbridge, speak to Bob the Cat. Step 13, Use another Teleport and go back to the Priest. Step 14, Now go back to the Elf Tracker. What he is asking is for us to bring him the ingredients for the potion. Step 15, Click on the Elf Again. Take the potion Talk to Bob CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE NOW COMPLETED THE QUEST. PLEASE DRINK YOUR OVERLOADS SAFELY Please leave any comments if you feel this needs to be edited. I hope this helps. :- 0161
  10. Desert Treasure This guide will be a walkthrough of the entire Desert Treasure quest. If you follow the instructions, you shouldn't have any issues! Requirements: Even though the quest states: "This quest requires high combat level" it is NOT a requirement. You can start the quest with any Combat Level. In other words. There are no requirements for this quest. Suggestions: A prayer level of 43 for Protect from Melee A magic level of 94 for Ice Barrage Having completed the Mage Arena minigame - Without a high magic level and without having completed the Mage Arena minigame, completing the quest doesn't grant you anything useful. Since you have to run alot, bring a Super Restore potion (can restore run energy) or boots of lightness. Items needed: 1 Varrock teleport tablet (Can be bought at ::shops --> Magic Tutor --> Weapons & Runes) 10M gp 1 Noted Ashes (Burn any type of wood, wait for it to extinguish, pick up the ashes and note them) 1 Noted Bones (Dropped by low-level NPCs such as a man) 6 Noted Steel bars 12 Noted Magic logs 1 Blood rune 1 Noted Charcoal (Explained later in the guide) 1 Noted Molten Glass (Explained later in the guide) 1 Cake (Can be acquired by stealing at the Baker's stall at Home or at Thieving) The Guide: 0/17 Start off by teleporting to Bandit Camp (Click on a combat skill --> 3rd option). Once you get there, head directly North. When you teleport to the Bandit Camp, activating Protect from Melee is a good idea. You will arrive at the Bedabin Camp where you will find the Archaeologist. Speak to him to start the Quest. He will give you some Etchings and tells you to deliver them to a woman named "Abigail" at the Digsite. The Etchings looks like this: 1/17 In order to get to the Exam Centre, the fastest way is to use the Varrock teleport tablet, you will arrive at the Purple Square. Follow the designated path, the road can be very buggy if you don't. Attempt to follow the rocky path and make sure to click on your screen - not your Mini map! When you arrive, speak to Lead Archaeologist Abigail at the Blue Circle. When you speak to the Lead archaeologist, she will praise the "Legendary Developer @Umi" for some time, during that conversation she is able to translate the Etchings. She hands you a Translation that looks like this: 2/17 Head back to the Archaeologist where you started the quest. North of the Bandit Camp. When you talk to him he asks you if you wish to read the book. You have the option to either burn it or pass on reading it. If you decide to burn the book, you will be called a monster. Rather than burning the book, you should ask him to continue with the quest. He will then ask you if you wish to become a "Treasure Hunter" like him. You agree on the condition that you get 80%. 3/17 Head back to the Bandit camp and talk to the Bartender, he's behind the bar in the western building. Stand behind the bartender so that the Bandits wont attack you, as shown below. When you talk to him, he wants to know what kind of treasure you're expecting to find in the desert. If you tell him that you're looking for Sand castles, he will tell you to get lost. Instead, you should answer that you've heard about treasure. He tells you to go East and speak to someone there. 4/17 In the Eastern tent of the Bandit camp you will find "Eblis" who seems hostile to strangers at first - but once you tell him that you're looking or the four diamonds of Azzanadra, his attitude changes for the better. He explains that the gems had been stolen by the false god, Zamorak. He also says that the gems are kept by warriors who has taken their elemental powers into themselves - and that they're unlikely give them up without a fight. He mentions four gems. The Diamond of Blood. The Diamond of Ice. The Diamond of Smoke. The Diamond of Shadow. In order to find the gems, he will cast an ancient spell that will spy upon the powers. It requires "Scrying glasses" so that he can "view the realm in its entirety". He mentions some items required to create the scrying glasses and to cast the spell. 5/17 Since you already have the Magic logs, the Steel bars, the Ashes, the Bones and the Blood rune - all you need is to talk to the Bartender again. You ask him for the Molten glass and the Charcoal, he says that he will sell you his last supply for 10M Gp. He calls you a fool for paying that much - little does he know that 10M is pocket change. When you've gotten the items, return to Eblis and hand him the items by clicking "Okay." He tells you to come find him further East in the desert. 6/17 Directly South-east, not too far away, you'll arrive at a small hill with 6 mirrors with Eblis roaming between them. The ancient spell has already been cast on the mirrors and simply by looking into them, you will see an area affected by the gems. He asks you to talk to him once you've retrieved all four diamonds to which you agree to. 7/17 By looking into either of the mirrors (it doesn't matter which), you can see where it leads. It leads to Trollheim. - Use the mirror and teleport to the location to which it leads. You will be teleported to Trollheim at the Purple square. Follow the path North-west and speak to the Troll child at the Blue Circle. When you encounter the Troll child, he's crying. Hand him the cake. He tells you that his parents has been frozen solid by a wierdo, who claimed they had stolen his diamond. He requests that you free them. 8/17 Killing 5 Ice trolls is no issue at all. Enter through the Ice gate with Protect from Melee activated, they wont be able to hurt you at all. Since the area is a Multi Zone and Ice Trolls are aggressive, they'll flock around you and Area of Effect magic such as Ice Barrage will let you bring down several at once. If you do not have a prayer level of 43, you can safe-spot behind the rocks in the North-eastern corner. After you've beat 5 Ice trolls, enter the portal in the South-eastern corner - Put on Protect from Magic. 9/17 Once you enter the portal, you will be fighting "Kamil" The first boss. With Protect from Magic activated, he wont be able to deal any damage, if you keep him at distance. Position yourself behind a rock as shown below. 10/17 Depending on your weight, you've probably never been called "Fleshy" before. The Troll parents refer to you as such, after having saved you, they offer you the gem in question. You're probably curious to see what happens if you decline - It will simply end the dialogue, and you'll have to go through the horrors of being called fleshy once more. Instead of declining - say Yes please! And you'll get the Ice diamond which looks like this: 11/17 Teleport back to the Bandit camp and travel back to the mirrors. By looking into a mirror, you will see that it now leads to Canifis. Use it to travel there. You'll arrive just North of Canifis. Head South, into the city and into the bar. There you will find the dracula-looking "Malak" Once you tell him that you're looking for a special diamond, he immediately knows that it's the Blood diamond. He hands you a Blessed pot that looks like this: He tells you that you need to find Dessous and kill him to obtain it. You may think that he's nice for providing you with the means to kill Dessous - but he is in fact a vile creature. For he gives you the WRONG DIRECTIONS. I spent quite some time using the Blessed pot on various graves located South-west... 12/17 From Malak at the Purple Square, go North to the bridge and then head South-east following this path instead. You will find Dessous at the Swamp graveyard at the Blue circle. It's quite a trip - if you run the entire way it should consume 100% of your run energy. When looking at the path I agree that it might feel like playing Snake - but once you get there your Nokia 3310 wont be able to keep up, because it's action time! Before using the Blessed pot on the Vampire tomb, put on your Protect from Magic. By positioning yourself on the other side of the fence as shown below, he wont be able to hurt you. When you've defeated him, the Blood diamond will be dropped under you, and it looks like this: 13/17 Once again, teleport to Bandit camp and go to the mirrors on the hill. This time, the mirrors will lead to Smoke dungeon. Before teleporting to the dungeon, activate Protect from Melee. Unlike the previous bosses, Fareed CAN damage you through prayers - but they will reduce his damage output. He will only be using Melee attacks. Keep your distance with Ice magic to freeze him. Once the spell wears off, run whilst casting to keep your distance until he's frozen again. Once you've defeated him, you can pick up the Smoke diamond, which looks like this: 14/17 Teleport back to the Bandit camp and once more, run to the mirror hill. This time the mirrors will lead you to the Shadow dungeon. When teleporting you wont appear at a Shadow dungeon, but rather in a mine. Your character will say: "Wait.. what?" and behind you "Damis" appears. He wont be able to damage you if you activate Protect from Melee. Like Fareed, he strictly uses Melee attacks. When you've killed him, he will disappear shortly. After a slight wait, he will reappear, this time without equipment but far stronger. The enraged Damis has more health, a higher level, does more damage and will hit you through your Protect from Melee prayer. If you utilise the furniture in the room such as the tables or the chest, he wont be able to do anything. Once you've killed him the second time, he wont reappear. He drops the Shadow diamond underneath you which looks like this: 15/17 Now that you have all four diamonds, you remember your promise to Eblis, that you should come see him once you obtain all diamonds. For some reason, he doesn't really care :'( Elbris translator: "Good for you." From the mirror hill, head South and once you see the skirts of the pyramid, go slightly East. Go up to the top of the pyramid and enter it. 16/17 You're teleported into the Pyramid, you'll encounter Azzanadra, a dog which had been a really good boy in its' previous life, so it has been reincarnated as a flying restless ghost. I just made that up. He has seemingly been trapped in the tomb that is the pyramid for quite some time. He asks you about some things that you can't relate to. Whether you ask for a reward or tell him that you have questions - he will ignore you completely and you've succesfully completed the quest. Congratulations! 17/17 Rewards: Upon completing the Desert Treasure quest your "God spells" will become Area of Effect (Hit multiple targets, like barrage spells) if you wear a corresponding god staff and cape. This is why having completed the Mage Arena minigame is recommended. The god spells are the Modern Spellbook Level 60 spells: Saradomin Strike Claws of Guthix Flames of Zamorak Thank you for reading my Treasure Trials guide! The guide has been produced in honour of @L O L The PK If you have any questions or if you have feedback - Please feel free to comment! ~ Bepis
  11. Welcome, to summoner's rift! This is a guide for the Summoning skill that will take you from "I'm too young to die" to "Hurt me plenty"* This will be a long read, so grab a snack! Getting started: > You should start training Summoning the second you decide to train your combat skills. < Type "::shops" and talk to Pikkupstix, the man with the Summoning skillcape. By talking to Pikkupstix you will acces the "Summoning Store". From the Summoning Store you can purchase pouches. In order to summon a familiar, you need only right click the pouch and click Summon - No charms are needed. Start off by purchasing the first scroll - Spirit Wolf Pouch. A good place to start training yourself and your familiar, is at "::train" - Rock Crabs. Many players complain that the Summoning skill takes time, but the main reason is because they start too late. If you start training Summoning along with your Combat skills, it's a walk in the park to reach 85. How does it work? Summoned familiars act as your bodyguard - If you are attacked by an NPC, it will retaliate. The more damage your familiar deals - the more XP you will receive. The more XP you receive - the higher your Summoning level will become The higher your Summoning level becomes - You'll be able to summon even stronger familiars Since the pouches from the Summoning store are so cheap, you should always strive to use the strongest familiar available! Here are the requirements for the familiars of the Summoning Store: Familiar facts / tools: Your familiar will not expire when summoned, even when you log off, it will be there when you sign in. If your familiar dies in combat, you can summon a new one with another pouch instantly. If your familiar is too far away from you, it will automatically teleport to your location - If not, use the "Call Follower" button: - If your familiar DOES NOT follow you upon teleporting - Relog. This will fix the issue. If you wish to dismiss your familiar, click on the "Dismiss Familiar" button: Your familiar can only retaliate on NPCs attacking you if you're in a multi-combat zone: The tools mentioned above are accessible through the Summoning tab (Bottom left) Good places to train: Since familiars can only be of assistance in multi-zones, here are some good places to train Summoning. Rock Crabs [Peaceful] (Click on a combat skill -> Rock Crabs) Bandits [Hostile] (Click on a combat skill -> Bandit Camp) Monkey Guards [Hostile] (Click on a combat skill -> Monkey Guards) Zombie Monkeys [Peaceful] (Click on the teleportation options -> PvMZones -> Zone 3) Ice Trolls [Hostile] (Click on a combat skill -> Luminicient Icefiend) Didn't you forget something important Bepis? Is this all there is to DoomScape's Summoning system? No way it is! We're getting to the best part now! The legendary . . . Mini-Me Familiar Requirements: 85 Summoning OR [$]Ultimate Donator Introduction: You should think of your "Mini-Me" not as a familiar, but as the name implies, a mini version of yourself. Your mini-me is a familiar that has the ability to: Wear armour Use Melee / Ranged / Magic Use Prayers Eat food Level up With these abilities, it makes him a perfect addition! With a Mini-Me you may be able to solo difficult enemies such as bosses. You summon your Mini-me by clicking on the "Call Follower" button. Your familiar will then appear as a cloned version of yourself (Completely unarmed & Level 3) Your Mini-Me will have the name "Mini Mini xxxx xx" The first 4 x's being the first 4 characters of your name, and the second x's being a random double digit number: Guide: Food: You can add up to 28 Cooked fish to your Mini-Me's inventory. When your Mini-Me consumes a fish, there's space for one more. Your Mini-Me will automatically eat the fish when at <50% HP. Prayer: You can train your Mini-Me's prayer level by using Bones on him (Up to 5 at a time). You can activate your Mini-Me's prayer spells with the commands: - "::pmelee, ::pmage, ::prange, ::pturmoil & ::psoulsplit" You can disable the prayer spell by typing the command once more. Your Mini-Me replenishes prayer points when you pray at an altar. Armour: Your Mini-Me can equip ANY armour as long as he meets the requirement. Mini-Me will equip the item when you use it on him. To withdraw the item you must use another item on him. (Unequipping your mini-me isn't possible) Your Mini-Me isn't able to use the Toxic Blowpipe , New Crystal Bow & Hand Cannon . Leveling up: Levling up your Mini-Me works the same way as you would level up yourself. The more damage your Mini-Me deals, the more XP he will receive in the Attack style that you've chosen. Just like a regular familiar, the more damage your Mini-Me deals, the more Summoning XP you get. - This makes AoE magic a good way to train Summoning. Toolbox: You acces your Mini-Me's toolbox by clicking on the "Attack Claw": - It will open this interface: The first option "Attack" will make your Mini-Me Aggressive, attacking any nearby NPC. The second option "Attack style" will let you choose what skill your Mini-Me will train. - It will open this interface: The third option "Combat Stats" will let you check the current stats of your Mini-Me. - It will open this information window: (As you can see, the skills of a Mini-Me can also level beyond 99 -> 120) - It will also let you check the current equipment bonuses of your Mini-Me. The fourth option "Toggle Prayer" doesn't work. To toggle prayers use the previously mentioned "::pmelee" etc. Magic: For your Mini-Me to use magic, use the desired spell on your Mini-Me. Have at least 100 Spell casts of the spell in your inventory. Example: - In order for your Mini-Me to cast "Wind Blast" which requires 3 Air Runes and 1 Death rune, keep 300 Air runes and 100 Death runes in your inventory. The runes will be consumed. When your Mini-Me has cast all 100 spells you must use a spell on him again. Slayer: Unlike other familiars, your Mini-Me has the ability to fight NPCs even though it isn't a Multi-Zone. By using the "Attack" Command, you'll put your Mini-Me in a frenzy. - Utilise this by having him Solo kill monsters from your Slayer task, as shown on this photo. Even when your Mini-Me deals 100% of the damage to an NPC, you will still get Slayer xp and the loot. This means that you can grind the slow skill, Slayer, at a much faster pace. Two birds with one stone! Feel free to ask any questions regarding Summoning or anything else. You may also leave feedback so that I can improve and make better guides in the future Thank you for reading! ~ Bepis
  12. Bepis

    DoomScape FAQ

    Welcome to DoomScape! When joining a server, many questions arise. By swiftly browsing through this list, you'll find answers to some of the common questions! FAQ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS In this post I will answer the following questions in this order: How do I get to my Slayer task? How do I make money? How do I train Summoning? How do I get to Slayer Tower? How do I train Dungeoneering? Does items degrade? Where is the Crystal Chest? How do I enter the Lottery? How do I get a whip? (What does monsters drop?) Where can I train my combat skills? Do I lose items upon dying? Where do I fight bosses? What are the Regular Donator benefits? How do I Vote? Are there any guides on the forums? My client crashes when I try to open it, what now? Is staking a thing? Are there frequent updates? How do I join the server's Discord? How do I check if any staff is online? - - - - - 1. Q: How do I get to my Slayer task? A: Click on your Slayer Skill Icon --> 4Th Option On DoomScape, clicking on your skills will teleport you to the area where you can train it. For Slayer, it will open a dialogue with your Slayer Master, Vannaka. The 4th option dialogue will teleport you to your task. - - - - - 2. Q: How do I make money? A: There are many ways of earning money! You can earn money by killing monsters to acquire their drops and selling these. https://doomscape.com/drops You can do acquire Reward shop points and spend these on items to sell. Type ::rewards in-game to browse the reward shops. You can also browse the forums for a guide on money making. - - - - - 3. Q: How do I train Summoning? A: Have your familiar attack an NPC to gain experience. First thing to do is to travel to ::shops and speak to Pikkupstix. Purchase the Spirit Wolf Pouch and summon it. When you're attacked by a monster in a multi combat zone, your familiar will retaliate. For an in-depth guide, check: https://forum.doomscape.com/index.php?/topic/265-summoning-guide-mini-me-guide/ Or you can type ::thread 265 in-game. - - - - - 4. Q: How do I get to Slayer Tower? A: Type ::shops --> Yellow Portal next to Vannaka Using the Slayer Tower teleport portal should rarely be necessary, since you're able to teleport directly to your slayer task. - - - - - 5. Q: How do I train Dungeoneering? A: You train dungeoneering at ::rots Dungeoneering is a very difficult skill. You train it by completing the "Rise of the Six" minigame. The minigame requires high-level gear and food. - - - - - 6. Q: Does items degrade? A: On DoomScape, nothing degrades! Vesta, Statius, Zuriel, Morrigan, Barrows, Pernix, Torva, Virtus, Corrupt items etc. NOTHING DEGRADES! The only item that may disappear is the Hand Cannon, which may explode... - - - - - 7. Q: Where is the Crystal Chest? A: North-east of Home Bank in Edgeville. The Crystal Chest of DoomScape used to be a Pirate named Donnie. In the recent update however, it has turned back into an ordinary chest named "Closed Chest". - - - - - 8. Q: How do I enter the Lottery? A: Speak to the Gambler in the Home Bank. The gambler is also known as the "Lottery Manager". By talking to him, you can enter the lottery (You enter with 10M and you can enter up to 3 times.) He can also inform you of the current Pot, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, As well as when the draw will be taking place (10PM Server time) - - - - - 9. Q: How do I get a whip? (What monster drops what?) A: There are several ways of obtaining an Abyssal whip! You can obtain it by utilizing the Reward Shop system. Type ::rewards and head to either the PK Point Shop or the Vote Points shop. Either shop will sell a whip for 5 points. You can also obtain the Abyssal Whip as a drop from various NPCs. Type ::drops and search by Item to see which NPCs drops a specific item. The https://doomscape.com/drops website also informs you of the rarity. By targeting an NPC which has the drop as "Rare" rather than "Rarest" means your chance of getting the drop increases. - - - - - 10. Q: Where can I train my combat skills? A: For the first few levels go to ::train When you've increased your Combat-, Prayer- and Summoning levels sufficiently, you should train your combat skills by doing Slayer tasks, Bossing or by killing some of the monsters that the PvM Selector has to offer. Simply click on a Combat skill (HP, Att, Str, Def, Range & Magic) and browse the pages for a suitable enemy. - - - - - 11. Q: Do I lose items upon dying? A: Nope, you don't! Upon death you'll be teleported South of the Home Bank, here you'll find the Grim Reaper who can return items lost outside of Wilderness. If the items were lost inside of Wilderness, only the protected items are kept. Example of dying and losing items --> Then having them returned by the Grim Reaper. Equipment and Inventory prior to death Dying (Rest in peace) Equpment and Inventory after death Equipment and Inventory after speaking to Grim Reaper - - - - - 12. Q: How do I fight bosses? A: Firstly type ::bossing You have the option to either fight bosses in a Public lobby or in a Private lobby. To join a Public lobby you need to be in the Help Clan Chat, then speak to Solus Dallagar and pick the option "Join Public Lobby" To join a Private lobby you need to be in your own or a friend's Clan Chat, then speak to Solus Dallagar and pick the option "Boss Privately with my Clan" (If you're in a friend's Clan Chat, he needs to do this!) Once you've joined a lobby, you'll be voting for the boss you wish to battle. You can also defeat the Wilderness Bosses, but these are very difficult! Upon death you'll lose all items that aren't protected. - - - - - 13. Q: What are the Regular Donator Benefits? A: Donators receive various benefits. As a donator, you obtain the following benefits: 15% Increased XP 7,5% Increased Drop rate ::yell command Acces to donator zone @ ::dz Donating more than 5$+ will automatically grant donator status. You can donate at ::donate or https://doomscape.com/store once you've donated, type ::donated to claim. The benefits increase only slightly upon donating more, such as less cooldown on ::yell and acces to donator PvM. - - - - - 14. Q: How do I vote? A: Type ::vote or go to https://doomscape.com/vote Enter your username and click start voting! Click on the boxes with the loading icon, that will redirect you to a voting page. There you must complete a Capacha to confirm that you aren't a bot. Once you've voted on at least 4 out of 5 of the pages you can claim your vote in-game by typing ::voted. By claiming your vote you're awarded 2 Vote Points and 500K and Loyalty points if you're among the top 10 voters. You can vote every 12 Hours, make sure to do so to support the server and gain rewards . - - - - - 15. Q: Are there any guides on forums? A: There are several guides on the forums! https://forum.doomscape.com/index.php?/forum/18-guides/ Here you can browse the many guides, if you notice that a skill, quest or anything in general is in need of a guide, please inform me or any other Staff Member and we will look into it! - - - - - 16. Q: My client crashes when I open it, what now? A: Delete the client and re-download it. If you have techincal issues, chances are that other players has experienced it as well! Utilize the community as well as the staff for issues as these. https://forum.doomscape.com/index.php?/forum/17-community-support/ - - - - - 17. Q: Is staking a thing? A: Sure is! Head to ::duel Staking, dicing and gambling in general is a thing that many players participate in. The headquarter for these events is the Duel Arena that you can teleport to by typing ::duel. Friendly reminder to know your limits - stop while you still have items. - - - - - 18. Q: Are there frequent updates? A: Doomscape puts Quality > Quantity. The DoomScape Staff Team listens to the suggestions presented by the community. We try to implement as many of these suggestions in the updates. When Doomscape updates, it's rarely a small update... #GoBigOrGoHome Feel free to give feedback if you have something on your mind! You can publish your suggestions to the forums at https://forum.doomscape.com/index.php?/forum/19-feedback/ or type ::suggestion whilst in-game. - - - - - 19. Q: How do I join the server's Discord? A: Type ::discord in game! The server's discord is the best place to communicate with other players and with staff! Staff will often use the Discord to announce important updates, events and giveaways! You can either type ::discord in-game or go to https://discordapp.com/invite/fwfTFS8. - - - - - 20. Q: How do I check if any staff is online? A: Type ::staff-list to see what staff is online. If there is no online staff members at the moment, you should go to the server's Discord - There you'll be able to get in contact with staff 24-7. - - - - - Thank you for reading! I hope you'll enjoy your stay here on DoomScape. This guide was made with help from @GimmeCorn and @demolay. Feel free to PM me if you can think of additional frequently asked questions that should be added.
  13. Why does this monster has no drop guide ? Regards Bandorion
  14. Mage Arena Mage Arena is listed as a "Minigame" but in fact, it's more like a "Mini quest" It doesn't take very long to complete, it's very easy - with that in mind, it's very rewarding! Recommendations: Level 37 Prayer If you have level 37 Prayer, you can use Protect from Magic - with that activated you wont take damage. Level 80 Magic You need a Magic level of 80 to utilise the reward from Mage Arena to the fullest. The minigame is in Wilderness. Remember Wildy rule #1: "Don't bring anything you don't want to lose." Start off by clicking on the Teleport Globus next to your Mini-map. Navigate to the "Minigames" section, and choose "MageArena" Fret not! Even though Mage Arena is listed as a Wilderness area, you will be safe upon teleporting. You will arrive at what is commonly referred to as "Mage's Bank" Speak to Kolodion, a man who refers to himself as a master of battle magic. He is in charge of the Mage Arena, a place where Top Wizards travel to from all over DoomScape. Kolodion might say that "Top wizards" travel there, but if you're looking to become an Archmage, I say head to the College of Winterhold instead, because Mage Arena is rather dull compared. You ask him if you can fight there - He asks if you're sure you want in - Indeedy. In order to participate in the Mage Arena minigame, Kolodion must deem you worthy Thus you must fight him. Wilderness Since the Mage Arena is located deep in wilderness, you might encounter a PKer. The arena isn't a multi combat zone though, so as long as you fight Kolodion you wont be endangered. As seen on the screenshot above, Kolodion says that once you enter the arena, you wont be able to use Melee or Ranged. However, this is not true - as shown below. Kolodion is much like Freeza... He has a lot of forms, but he doesn't really get stronger. He uses the god spells in all forms, as his form changes, he gets more HP, but gains no combat strength only his appearace changes for the better. If you keep your Protect from Magic on, he will not be able to damage you. First form Second form Third form "This isn't even my final form ..." - Kolodion Fourth form Final form After defeating Kolodion, talk to him. He will tell you that you're a tough one (Coming from him, that compliment isn't worth much) - He also tells you to enter the Sparkling pool. There you must decide which god you wish to represent in the arena. In the chambers that the pool leads to, there's a man named "Chamber Guardian" Speak to him to acces the Mage Arena Staff shop. Each staff costs 80K If you head further North, there are 3 statues, each representing a god: ~ Saradomin - Guthix - Zamorak ~ By praying at the statues, you'll get a God cape. You can pray at all three, several times if you wish. There's no limit to the amount of capes you can acquire. The god spells Now that you have obtained the God staves and the God capes, you're able to cast the God spells! The God spells requires level 60 Magic Fire, Blood and Air runes as well as the respective staff If you have level 80 Magic you can cast the empowering spell "Charge" It will boost the damage of your spell significantly. On DoomScape, there's an additional way of empowering your God Spells The New Years update of January 1st 2018 brought us "Desert Treasure" Click on this text for free candy! If you wear your God staff and the corresponding God cape Your god spell will become AoE Turns your God spell into a Multi spell, like the Barrage spells. Thank you for reading! I was just going to make a swift tutorial on the Mage Arena minigame / mini quest but somehow it ended up a bigger project than intended. I hope you enjoyed it If you have any feedback or any questions, feel free to comment! ~ Bepis
  15. Adventure time! "That legendary place, That the end of the map reveals It’s only legendary, Till someone proves it real." Welcome to my Clue Scroll guide! Let's start off with some facts. Facts: You can have more than one Clue Scroll at a time. You can have more than one of the same Clue Scroll at a time. If you have more than one of the same clue in your inventory whilst digging, it will consume both, but only give one reward. - You can drop one of your scrolls and pick them up after digging --> then picking it bag up and dig again. All Clue Scrolls are listed as "" But they're all Easy to complete. You can get between 1 and 6 items from a Clue Scroll. Clue Scrolls can give you another Scroll instead of a reward. Doing Clue Scrolls on DoomScape is fun! The Clue Scroll is a Treasure Map, and you're a Pirate. All you need to do, is to find the X on the map and seek it out! Bring your shovel and your dreams! What's in the f*cking box? When it comes to rewards from Clue Scrolls, you might be disappointed... The rewards from the Clue Scrolls can be as petty as a pair of Red D'hide vambraces or a Bob shirt. In the future - there may be better rewards (fingers crossed) such as 3rd-Age etc. Getting started: First task is getting the Clue Scrolls. The easiest way of getting them is by killing Giant Crypt Spiders. Photo taken from ::drops Fret not! Even though the Clue Scrolls are listed as a Rare drop, the drop rate is decent. You get to the Giant Crypt Spiders by clicking on the World Icon next to your Mini-Map. This will open the teleportation interface. Click on the PvMZone option. Choose "Zone 6". That will send you to the Fremmenik Isles. You'll arrive at the Purple Square, then you just run South-West until you reach the Giant Crypt Spiders which reside in the Red Circle. Giant Crypt Spiders are level 79 and they only have 200 Hitpoints. That is why this is the easiest place to farm Clue Scrolls, considering the newly added counterpart "Balance Elemental" with a level of 454. When farming the Giant Crypt Spiders you can bank the loot and restock on pots/food etc. in the nearby bank. Even though it says "Invalid Object 4483" the Bank Chests still work if you're close enough when clicking. Maps: Here's the maps of all the Clue Scrolls of DoomScape - how to get there - where to dig. Illustrated with me standing where you're supposed to dig. Scroll 1: Located North of Falador. The fastest way to get there is to type "::funpk" which will teleport you to South of the Falador park at the Purple Square. From there you just run North-west until you reach the statue. As the scroll indicates, you stand at the statue, take 1 step South and 3 steps East. Then you dig. Route: Scroll 2: Located West of the Clock Tower. The fastest way to get there is by teleporting to Thieving (By clicking on your Thieving skill icon - you'll appear at the Purple square) - then run West. A common misconception is that you're supposed to Search the crate. False. You need to dig where I stand on the image above. Route: Scroll 3: Located West of Rimmington. The fastest way to get there is to type "::funpk" which will teleport you to south of the Falador park at the Purple Square. From there run South-west. Route: Scroll 4: Located South of Legends' guild. The fastest way to get there, is by teleporting to Thieving (By clicking on your Thieving skill icon - you'll appear at the Purple square) - then run East. Rather than following the "Step-instructions" Simply stand next to the northern bench, and take 1 step South. Route: Scroll 5: Located South of the Wizard's Tower. The fastest way to get there is by teleporting to Farming (By clicking on your Farming skill icon - you'll appear at the Purple square) Go through Draynor village, and follow the large bridge. Dig 1 step North of the plant. Route: Scroll 6: Located deep in Wilderness (Level 49) South-east of the Wilderness' Agility course. Fastest way to get there is by teleporting to the Wilderness Agility course (By clicking on your Agility skill icon and choosing the 3rd option - you'll appear at the Purple square) Then head South. There is NO Agility requirement to complete this Scroll, since you don't have to actually enter the Agility course. Though since it is located deep in wilderness, follow Wilderness rule #1: "Don't bring anything you don't want to lose" On the route below the Red line is the route to the three Lava Geysers - the Yellow line is your escape route. By following it you will get to the Mage Arena entrance, remove the cobweb and pull the lever in the small building. Route: Scroll 7: Located directly South of East Ardougne. The fastest way to get there is by teleporting to Thieving (By clicking on your Thieving skill icon - you'll appear at the Purple square) then head South. Polkema went on an epic adventure and found the hidden spot, that I could not. You need to dig where he is standing on the picture. Stand North of the small tree, then go 2 steps north and dig. Route: Scroll 8: Located South-west of Rellekka on the road towards the Lighthouse. The fastest way to get there is by typing "::train" which will teleport you to the northern part of Rellekka at the Purple Square. From there, head South and follow the road South-West when you're at the town entrance. As you can see on the Treasure map, Scroll 8 is heavily bugged. I managed to decipher it by finding the non-bugged scroll, which looks like this: Scroll 8 isn't obtained as a drop from an NPC. Sometimes you'll get another scroll rather than a reward from a Clue Scroll. This is where you have the chance of getting Scroll 8. Route: Get digging you fool! And... Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave suggestions and feedback in the comment section. If you find Clue Scrolls that I didn't feature, PM me in-game or on Discord. ~Bepis
  16. Hello guys!!! This is my thieving guide! This skill is fairly easy and decent cash as well, You need nothing to start training so just click your mage book and select skilling teleport like so: Here are the locations of each stall you will be stealing from: (Red)-Bakers Stall (Yellow)-Silk Stall (Green)-Fur Stall (Silver)-Silver Stall (Orange)-Spice Stall (Purple)-Gem Stall From levels 1-20 you will be stealing from the Baker's stall From levels 20-35 you will be stealing from the Silk stall From levels 35-50 you will be stealing from the Fur stall From levels 50-65 you will be stealing from the Silver stall From levels 65-75 you will be stealing from the Spice stall From levels 75-99 you will be stealing from the Gem stall It's a decent skill to level early on and help with a bit of starter cash! Good luck on your grind! -Jake
  17. Hello guys, I'm the Lukzzz and this is the best "noob start" on doomscape by me. This is a guide to players that like pvm. "But remember, the best tip ever is patience." When you create the account we have some tips to the best waste of your time. On Start add all your money on bag to money pouch and deposit all item on bank. Now click on crafting tab to teleport to shops or use ::shops Now you will be teleported. Click to trade with this npc and buy some pouch Buy one of each pouch with red square Now you will go click on slayer tab and speak directly with the slayer master. When you start you slayer task, grab some foods, potions, gear t40 and pouch at your bag. With all itens on bag, use Slayer tab again and teleport to task location. If you task are on multi combat area, you can use summoning pouch and get some level on summoning. If no, you can go to rock crabs at ::train and first teleport. To leave from pouch of 100k value at summoning level 10. When you complete your task, you will get 1 Slayer Point for Easy task, 2 Slayer Points for medium task and 4 Slayer Points for Hard task Remember, pick all bones on start and use on altar, to teleport to altar you need click on prayer skill tab. First Task done with bones at altar. Ask for new task and grind now. Remember, get value drops like Torstol seeds. Continue doing tasks. If you get a multi combat task will be the time to use summoning pouch Remember on bandit task, dont use teleport from slayer tab, you can use ::train like: Best slayer newcomer trick, ever, ever, ever skip this task... our will die bored. With this stats is time to bossing and make some money... First will need teleport to ::shops and buy a anti dragon shield. Now you teleport to ::bossing. You can create you own clan with yourself name, or do bossing at help clan too. Ever at start to do awesome cash, select King Black Dragon aka KBD. Grab some foods and start boss fight. Only use summon pouch at King Black Dragon Location. Look this gear. 2 hours of non intensive gameplay. Later, you only will need improve the gear and grind on game. See you on game!!!
  18. Bepis


    A frequently asked question is; "Should I alch this item, or should I sell it?" Fret not friend! For I have the answer! I, Bepis, hereby humbly present the popular TV-Show that you all know and love: "Will it Alch?" Today's host yours truly Will it Alch? That is the question. First things first. What exactly is meant by the phrase: "Should I alch this item, or should I sell it?" By selling, there are two options: The Player Owned Shop sell option, where you can sell your items at any price you wish by typing "::sell" The Pawn Shop sell option, where you sell your items to the kind (but greedy) shopkeeper. By selling items on the Player Owned Shops' market, you can theroetically get any amount. However, you're fully dependant on other players actually purchasing your item, thus the Supply / Demand theory decides what you can get for your item. Example: Dragon Boots was a semi-rare drop from slayer monsters and had a price of around 50M. After the recent Winter update (As of December 13th), they were added as a Reward item from the Slayer Points Reward Shop for mere 5 Points. This resulted in the supply increasing AND the demand falling since they were now easy to obtain, thus the price has fallen significantly. The other "Selling" option, is the Pawn shop. The Shopkeeper often says "Buy all the best items!" and he truly will purchase any item with a price tag on it, BUT the price tag he'll put on it is equivalent to 50% of the Set Market Value. The Set Market value isn't necessarily the Actual Market value of an item. Exampe: Armadyl Godsword has a Set Market value of 250M, but among players you'll most likely be able to get 1.5B or more for it, meaning it has an Actual Market value of 1.5B. (estimated) Now knowing that the Shopkeeper will purchase items at 50% of the Set Market value, we can calculate whether alching the item is the better option. Example: Chicken Head has a set market value of 100M. If I were to sell it to the Shopkeeper, he will purchase it for 50M which is 50% of the Set Market value of 100M. Let us see how much gold we will get by alching the Chicken Head! * Alching in process* *alchemy sounds* By alching the Chicken Head I received or more specefically: Conclusion: The High Level Alchemy Spell will always grant you 57,5% of the Set Market Value, meaning that it is ALWAYS BETTER TO ALCH > THAN SELLING TO PAWN SHOP. This however does not mean that it is always better to alch! There are good chances that you can get more money for an item by selling it directly to a player, as we saw with the Armadyl Godsword example. So, when should you alch? You should alch when you acquire an item that is either very hard to sell or simply has a high set market value, such as items from Mystery Boxes or Crystel Keys like the "animal staves", Cat, Bat & Wolf, with a Set Market value of 50M, or the Boater hats with a Set Market value of 15M. Also rarities from bosses and monsters such as Black Elite, Flameburst Defender and especially Statuettes which are practically impossible to sell to players. No animals were alched in the making of this guide. I hope this slightly odd guide was helpful! Feel free to give me feedback and advice so that I can improve! ~ Bepis
  19. Jake

    Jake's Mining Guide

    Hello guys :D! Today ive got a mining guide for you all Ok so a pickaxe is all you need for this, then open your spell book and do the following! Here is the rocks you will be using to get 99: (Red)Copper and tin (Yellow)Iron (Green)Coal (Blue)Gold (Purple)Mithril (White)Adamant (Pink) Runite From levels 1-15 you will be mining cooper and tin ore. From levels 15-30 you will be mining iron ore. From levels 30-40 you will be mining coal ore. From levels 40-55 you will be mining gold ore. From levels 55-70 you will be mining mithril ore. From levels 70-85 you will be mining adamant ore. From levels 85-99 you will be mining runite ore. This is the best way to 99 mining, i advise you bank all ores to use for smithing! -Jake
  20. Hello welcome to my woodcutting guide! To start woodcutting you simply need a hatchet, it doesnt matter which kind an iron one will work for 99 Once you have a hatchet , open your magic book, click the skills teleport as shown below. Here is the location of all the trees. (Red -Normal and oak Blue -Willow Yellow -Maple Maroon -Yew Pink -Magic) At levels 1-15 you will need to chop regular trees. At levels 15-30 you will need to chop oak trees. At levels 30-45 you will need to chop willow trees. At levels 45-60 you will need to chop maple trees. At levels 60-75 you will need to chop yew trees. And finally at level 75-99 you will need to chop magic trees. Congrats on 99 woodcutting! This is the best method from 1-99 Woodcutting,i hope you found this guide helpful:D -Jake
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