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Found 4 results

  1. Hello guys I'm gonna teach you how to do Zulrah efficiently first step is stats 99+ ranged (for decent accuracy and damage) 70+ prayer (needed to keep prayer up during the whole fight) second step is gear this is a chart showing top 3 item setups Best Good Meh Helm Void ranger helm Robin hood hat Robin Hood hat Chest Elite void chest Morrigans Leather Chest Karil’s leather top Legs Elite Void legs Morrigan’s leather chaps Karil’s leather skirt Weapon Blowpipe w rune(p) darts Blowpipe w rune darts Blowpipe w rune darts Ring Ring of Devotion Ring of vigor Archers ring (i) Amulet Amulet of ranging Amulet of Fury Amulet of glory Cape Max Cape Ava’s accumulator Ava’s accumulator Boots Pegasians Ranger boots Snakeskin boots Gloves Void gloves Barrows gloves Black dhide vamps *disclaimer* blowpipe is 100% necessary to do Zulrah efficiently. Step three is inventory set up this setup allows for maximum kills and best use of inventory slots. the best way to use this food is to use 3 sips of Sara brew and then 1 dose of super restore to even your ranging level back to normal use a ranging pot at the beginning of each kill. *if you own a ring of wealth or Ring of wealth (i) this can be added into inventory and equipped at the end of the kill for drop rate bonus* so now that you have the gear and inventory set up perfectly.. time to learn how to kill to start each kill you want to activate these prayers Zulrah will always hit with magic first on each kill Then, you want to change your prayers according to which phase ( color ) Zulrah is in RED red is the belle phase and this only happen when Zulrah is inside the moon shaped island BLUE blue is the Magic phase and Zulrah can be in this phase anywhere in the arena, including the middle GREEN Green is the most dangerous phase because you need to pray ranged, but he also shoots the frogs at you which can hit up to a 43 magic damage. IMPORTANT The Spec on the Topic Blowpipe is very valuable during this fight. It does increased damage and restore 50% of your hp (can overheal you up to 1600) To use this most effectively, use it at the very start of the fight so it is building up right at the start, effectively wasting no time on your spec. I typically use it on the red (melee) phase because that is when I take the most damage. You can also save you spec for sticky situations for a quick full heal. What should you expect to get from Zulrah? The Null items shown on the drop tables are as follows : Serpentine Helmet, Toxic Blowpipe, 500 Zulrah Scales, and the Zulrah pet which can come in all the colors (Red, Blue, Green) This is the end of the guide I hope you guys have fun camping Zulrah ! *thanks to Jedna for the screenshots and gear guides*
  2. My Suggestions For a better ::bossing experience 1. Fix/Improve/remove the voting boss options Why? It's pretty annoying how the options are, sometimes we can't find the boss we want so we have to click Next, and it takes awhile. it's like a puzzle, waiting to be solved :LOL: How? So how to fix it? How to improve it? My suggestion is to remove it and make it a better options like create Chambers for each bosses eg: " Behold! You are entering the chamber of a powerful beast! " 2. Voting Timer ? ? ? REMOVE IT Why ? 1. because it's disturbing, what's the use of timer anyway? we can just talk to the guy for bossing options instead of options popping up every 10secs 2. we have to rush to bank, or else we'll get missed out Please in need of your feedbacks! add more suggestions in the post Thanks for the feedbacks I hope staff members can develop this and can't wait for the updates! HAPPY GRINDING PEACE OUT DOOMSCAPERS
  3. Hello guys, I'm the Lukzzz and this is the best "noob start" on doomscape by me. This is a guide to players that like pvm. "But remember, the best tip ever is patience." When you create the account we have some tips to the best waste of your time. On Start add all your money on bag to money pouch and deposit all item on bank. Now click on crafting tab to teleport to shops or use ::shops Now you will be teleported. Click to trade with this npc and buy some pouch Buy one of each pouch with red square Now you will go click on slayer tab and speak directly with the slayer master. When you start you slayer task, grab some foods, potions, gear t40 and pouch at your bag. With all itens on bag, use Slayer tab again and teleport to task location. If you task are on multi combat area, you can use summoning pouch and get some level on summoning. If no, you can go to rock crabs at ::train and first teleport. To leave from pouch of 100k value at summoning level 10. When you complete your task, you will get 1 Slayer Point for Easy task, 2 Slayer Points for medium task and 4 Slayer Points for Hard task Remember, pick all bones on start and use on altar, to teleport to altar you need click on prayer skill tab. First Task done with bones at altar. Ask for new task and grind now. Remember, get value drops like Torstol seeds. Continue doing tasks. If you get a multi combat task will be the time to use summoning pouch Remember on bandit task, dont use teleport from slayer tab, you can use ::train like: Best slayer newcomer trick, ever, ever, ever skip this task... our will die bored. With this stats is time to bossing and make some money... First will need teleport to ::shops and buy a anti dragon shield. Now you teleport to ::bossing. You can create you own clan with yourself name, or do bossing at help clan too. Ever at start to do awesome cash, select King Black Dragon aka KBD. Grab some foods and start boss fight. Only use summon pouch at King Black Dragon Location. Look this gear. 2 hours of non intensive gameplay. Later, you only will need improve the gear and grind on game. See you on game!!!
  4. Hey guys! it's Pintoe here, i've been playing for about 1 and a half weeks on this server, and I'm planning on playing here alot longer My name Darren and I am an 18 year old boy from The Netherlands (Holland), and I love to boss and pk, those are my two most favourite activities on the server. I recently started a Legend account and I hope to max out on that account soon! Also, if you are new and you need some help and/or some items you can always contact me in-game! My ingame name's are; Pintoe & Legend Hope to see you in-game! Pintoe
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