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  1. give me my 10b off dumminorf's acc ultimate I staked and clearly wont the 10k nuggs stake each here is the pic and check my pk points I have 0 history deffo at duel lol......
  2. in game name: life thief position desired: admin ofc age: 26 time zone: London gmt uk time played: 40 hours punishments: none at all. previous experience: I ran a small based server as a co host and I had a lot of coding to do for it, it went pretty well, I was a good enforcer of rules also. (check my report a player topic 21.11.19) stengths: fast typer, good knowledge of coding, always fair, always low temper, good reader, very knowledgeable in everything, a lot of funds (I make 1000 pounds a day sat at home) could keep server running . purpose: to make a better server all around and to make friends doing it # hire life thief.
  3. this guy asked if I play rs3 I said yes and he said hed swap his stuff for 60m he needs for nox scythe ofc I didn't rise to it and have now made a report heres the pic
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