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  1. I don’t know man ? I’m trying to tell them me and you ain’t did no hacking I don’t know how to hack !
  2. Hey Guys I Just Started Im ready to be unbanned i guess some guy was hacking and my account was in the mix at the time but im ready to play i miss being on there! PLEASE UNBANNED ME MR DOOM OR ANY STAFF
  3. Mr Doom I messaged you I wanna Know Why Is My account Getting Investigated I got All My Items From (Pray Mi) He blessed Me with Items Cause He Was Qutting so i took the items please answer me back because u banned me from discord and i dont like that type of authority ! I enjoy Playing ya Server && i Was gone donate when i got paid im a big supporter for the server now !
  4. That’s my Account Gl Im 30 def && I Wasn’t Doing that Farm Stuff U Talking Bout I Don’t Know What That Is .
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