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  1. hello everyone, my name is Musa (in game name: musab), I am from Belgium, I'm a student that is always active in the week and weekend and i want to became a helper for doomscape. I am much helped by admins when I started, and now I help everyone who asks me questions, I usually help people who send me a message and sometimes I help them in yell, the people who plays doomscape can ask everything to me, I always learn something and I love to share with other players who ask something about the game. The reason is: -There are alot people from the Netherlands playing this server -I like to help people out -Im always active (3-5hours /day -played like 288hours and never been AFK -I can help people in 3 languages (english, turkish, dutch) -I always reply to pm's I'm going to keep helping people no matter if I'm a helper or not , but I prefer to be a helper to show players that there is always a staff online to help. Thanks for reading my application, musab
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