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  1. Hi all, So i finally decided to make a post about what should be improved: Personal store - item selling. Too many unnecessary clicks to place an item up for sale. Should be done just with one click and entering value, no confirmation. Similar to first one, trading. I think i dont get it, but to get past first phase of trading im just spamming accept button like 10 times to get to 2nd window. Bossing. Again, from my point of view, choosing/voting for a boss seems like a lot unnecessary clicking. It could be made atleast with recent bosses on first menu or with field on tabs. Bank save slots could be nice, aswell as making more than 2tabs. a little off-topic from my original thoughts about urgent improvements to server, it would be nice, if prices for items, as seen on website - average price on item, could be implemented in-game. Thank you for making this server live, this one is so far the best i have played on. These are just my thoughts on what should be improved since they make gamplay pretty unappealing.... have a great day.
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