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  1. Hello everyone. First of all, thank you for reading my application. My name is Richard and 24 years of age. Currently living in the Netherlands and applying to become a helper in the world of Doomscape community. I've started playing Doomscape in May 2018. During the days I was paying attention what everyone was saying so I learned alot things from the helpers back in the days. Because there are alot people from the Netherlands playing this server, I can help them by talking to them in our own language. Maybe some people know me from the past or otherwise people know me from now. When I play the game i'll try to help much as possible and always active in the 'Help' CC. Not only in the clan chat but also active at ::yell. Sometimes a little too bit. A few people asking me things due a PM, i'll try to be kind and try to welcome new players every time. The community can ask me for anything. Help about skills, give them the correct thread so they can check for or guide, or just by my own information or help to kill a monster. I will support them in each way and do my best and that's why I think i'll should be promoted. Because I'm 24 years old, I know what's needed to get a good server and I really like to help people, but occasionally a joke in between must be possible, laughing is also important. I'm also very patient and can handle people well and that's why I hope that the community support me in this choice. If there are any questions, I'd like to hear them. While talking I got 100 hours of playtime in Doomscape. Next to my work imma try to be online everyday for 2/5 hours. I will be online most often in the evening. (CEST) I feel like I would be a good addition to the staffteam because I love to help people, I love the community and I really like it when I can work with other people to get the best community. When you're a helper people will come to you and ask you alot. I love it when I can help people because when I helped someone I feel that I did my job and the person who got helped can move on. From the day I started to where it is now, alot of changes have been made and I love to be a part of the change. It would really be a honor to be a part of the team. How do I feel about use of staff powers, when its appropiate to use them? I think that this is the last thing to do, after a warning. It depends on what you did. On what ground you violated the rules. One violation may be heavier than the other and that must also be acted upon. But I believe that most of the problems can be handled by talking to them and give them a warning. If the person wont listen to this, other sanctions must be taken. Every day I learn from other people and they learn things from me. Questions are free so feel free to ask them. I hope that staff members consider this application. Thank you for you time and I see you IN-game Love, 992.
  2. 992

    Fox's Price Guide!

    Thanks for this one Fox. Very useful for now and for the future.
  3. Seems good Lion! Keep it up.
  4. There are still a few ways to make it run faster. There is also a place in the wilderness where you can train your skills 'Wilderness skilling' here you get above average exp! How to get there? Skilling teleport > Wilderness skilling. Note Like I said it's wilderness. If you die you will lose your items. Unfortunately you can't bank at wilderness skilling. But there's a general store.
  5. Hello, 992 here. Some people know me already, but I didn't have an account on the forum so far, so this one is also made! Who am I? My name is Richard and I am 24 years old, married and I have 1 child. I like to do fitness as a hobby. I work for the Dutch air force. If people have any questions about it, I'd love to hear that. Furthermore, you will see me in the game, if you need something then you can always contact me. Greetings, Richard
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