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  1. THE RANK YOUR APPLYING FOR:: HELPER INGAME NAME:: Deadlylion /skilled420 HOURS ON GAME:: 181 HOURS 45mins WHAT IS YOUR AGE:: I am 23 years old turn 24 January 21st. WHAT IS YOUR TIME ZONE AND WHAT HOURS CAN YOU BE ACTIVE::(GAME TIME):: My time zone is (utc-5) I'm active almost 12hrs a day if not more normally. 12:00pm-12::00am or later HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING DOOMSCAPE:: I have been playing Doomscape for about a month now and just loving it the community is great, and fun to be involved with. ANY PAST/RELEVANT EXPERIENCE IN SAID RANK:: I have no experience being helper rank. All I do Is help no matter the rank. WHY DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'D BE A GOOD ADDITION TO OUR STAFF TEAM: I feel like I would be a great addition to staff team because, I'm always here and listen to what the community has to say, helping is just apart of who I am. From helping the beginners to helping the vets, and everyone needing help. I'm on DOOMSCAPE for a lot of hours a day. I feel that the staff is threaded thin they are very busy people and I feel I can help take some of the load off. No matter if staff or not im here to help and fill my roll in the community, but as a helper I feel like I could help everyone to the fullest. I have a lot to learn but im here ready to learn and help everyone including the staff. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT USE OF STAFF POWERS, WHEN ITS APPROPIATE TO USE THEM:: I feel that the staff powers are a last resort. I'd rather handle the situation in a less harsher way unless there is no way around it. I feel most thing can be handle by talking it out, and coming to a solution. There are times that can't be done and that would cause use of staff powers or further. ANY ADDITIONAL IMFORMAITION YOU FEEL WILL BE OF USE:: My name is Gaije, I'm 23 from the USA (state: Iowa) im a family man married 2 kids. I have a great family and Doomscape is like family you guys are amazing here. This is a long shot for me to apply for this postion but a lot of people are requesting me to do so, why not give you guys what u want, im here to help you guys no matter if im staff rank or my nubby donor rank. so feel free to add me in game :: Deadlylion :: Skilled420:: here to help always thanks guys for the confidence to do this. THANKS DOOMSCAPE, Deadlylion ❤️
  2. will be finishing later just a quick start so far thanks guys
  3. Money making guide for skillers Hi and welcome everyone to my skiller guide not much but hope it helps. need any help or have suggestions please feel free to pm me in game or pms @Deadlylion /// @skilled420 Three quick tips for skilling: 1st: Decide what skill you want to start first and max it 2nd: All non combat skills will give u approx. 250m for getting to 99 3rd: When skilling save all your resources till the end a lot of people will buy in bulk for better prices. PS:: skills cap at level 120 !!! Top Seven Most profitable skills:: 1: Fishing - people always in need of food no matter shark or rocktails. 2: Herblore - where every you may go always good to be potted ! 3: Smithing - dart tips are great money along with bolts ect. 4: Farming - everyone will always need herbs for pots. 5: Thieving - everyone wants/needs them shiny gems. 6: Mining - people will always need ores/bars for gear. 7: Cooking - people cant eat raws leveling skills: Fishing: (note rocktails are members only) 1-35: Shrimp:(exp:450) 35-76: Tuna/Swordfish:(exp:3600/4500) 40-76: Lobsters:(exp: 4050) 76-80/91: Sharks: (exp:6750) 80-91: Matna Rays:( exp:9000)PS: also catch pike fishing mantas pike:(exp:2700) 91-99/120: Rocktails:(exp:17100) Mining:: 1-15: tin/copper:(exp:765) 15-30: iron:(exp:765) 30-40/55: Coal:(exp:2250) 40-55: gold:(exp:2925) 55-70: Mithril:(exp:4050) 70-85: Adamant:(exp:4275) 85-99/120: Runite:(exp:5625) PS:: wilderness skilling center gives more exp but dangerous:: Skilling Items:: Rune ore : 100-200k ea Rune bars: 250-400k ea Rune dart tips: 100-200k ea rune bolts (unf): 100-150k ea Magic logs: 25k ea Raw Rocktails: 200-300k ea Rocktails: 300-500k ea Sharks: 25-50k ea Uncut gems: range from 1m-5m ea Dragon axe: 5-15m Dragon pick: 50-100m inferno adze: 20-100m Skilling tasks:: Skilling tasks are available at home from the quartermaster: he offers various tasks for every skill at random with great way to make some extra money and credits for completing the task assigned to you so remember to check out the quartermaster. you wont regret it … Gear for skilling:: Golden mining set:: this set gives u 6.2% more exp from mining. Brawling gloves:: theres one for every skill they can make life easier. Lumberjack:: great woodcutting gear set for all trees in your way. Inferno Adze:: other thank its sweet looks the adze gives chance to burn cant beat that. it will become your best friend.
  4. very nice guide thanks alot fox :D
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