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  1. WELCOME TO YOUR NIGHTMARE... OMEGA HAS ARRIVED Created in the depths of Doomscape, this formidable boss has many unique features to try and eviscerate any "brave" adventurer trying to loot from his corpse. He can manipulate matter itself, mess with your very imagination, and even take control things about your character. What exactly does he do? Well... why spoil the fun? After a few days of fun I will add his features here, until then... don't die too much! Things to know: - 5 man teams max, except on event days by joining Doom's clan chat. - The first 5 players in someones clan will join the fight, anyone more than that will not be included. - Getting there is easy, use ::omega, then click on the dark portal to start the fight. This boss was created with love by Luckofcosmos, and some technical help by Doom. He is always adding stuff client side so that it's possible for myself and Umi to make more incredible things. This boss is very unique, I can add and remove attacks whenever I please. Don't get too comfortable with the current attacks, I might add more in the future that'll really keep you on your toes! As a side note, I know this post is kind of barebones but that's the point. Why would I tell you all the stuff about this epic boss then you can't discover anything on your own? Go out there and have fun!
  2. Skilling Pets Are HERE! That's right, skilling pets are here for you to find and have as your very own! Some skills are going to earn you one of a couple different variety of pets, like thieving will give you one of three different colored raccoons. In order the skilling pets above are: Thieving, Crafting, Crafting, Firemaking, Hunter, Runecrafting, Slayer, Agility, Construction, Woodcutting, Farming, Fletching, Crafting, Crafting, Smithing, Mining, Herblore, Fishing, Cooking There is also a new item, the Parchment, which will enable you to "read" it and your pet will say the skill level your pet is based off of, and it will also say the xp you have in that skill. We will be adding more features in the future like skill boosts and such, so keep an eye out for those! Get out there and get one of your very own skilling pets today! -Luckofcosmos
  3. HEY ALL! LuckofCosmos here, bringing you a small but useful update! You can now combine Overloads just as you would with other potions! Thank you Imalas for the great suggestion! We are hard at work doing more updates for everyone, we have some surprises coming in the near future! Keep an eye out! -LuckofCosmos
  4. Alright maybe not lucky but it sure is fantastic! Introducing.... MAKE ALL POTIONS! Yes! Starting NOW you will be able to make every potion (and unfinished potion) with just TWO click, because you obviously have to click the ingredient then the potion, but that's besides the point! I hope each and every one of you enjoys this first creation for you guys, I cannot wait to make more amazing features for you guys to enjoy! Thanks you! -LuckofCosmos
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