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  1. Great guide Fox, Good work! keep it up
  2. Hello everyone! It clearly shows what I’m about to do here 😉 Indeed, I’m applying for the Helper rank! First of all, let’s start by introducing myself to all of you.. My name is Etienne, Aka; Pvm Hulk in-game (obviously 😉). I am 19 years of age, origionally from France, but settled in The Netherlands. At the moment I’m at 368 in-game hours and very dedicaded to the server (Some might call it addicted).. But I see it differently! The reason why I’m applying for the helper rank, is because I think that I can add something to the community in a way of assisting every player in need. By obtaining the helper rank I can show all the players that they’re always welcome to come to me if they have any question or struggle. Ofcourse, everyone is more than welcome to do so now already! To say so myself, I can talk to people very well and easily, I’m not shy and I wouldn’t mind to go out of my comfort zone if I have to 😊 Some of you might already know me and some might not, but I’ll try my best to be well known by all players and I’m trying my best to help the community as best as I can! For now, I’ll continue to help everyone the best i can, as if I were staff. I hope that I have informed all of you well enough. If not, feel free to send me a private message on ::discord or in-game! I’ll be looking forward to the reply, and I’ll see y’all-in-game 😉 Just keep me in mind when there is an apropriate vacancy! Kind regards, Etienne
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