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  1. Aw man can't scam anyone anymore ☹️ prices checkout, pin this.
  2. WASTE OF DPS, BREAK OUT THE CLAWS AND SPEC 'EM But honestly, boss has a very low resistance to hits; although I jokingly say to break out the claws, more likely than not you would hit at all four points of the special attack Great guide and set-up. I myself prefer a team size of 4, where everyone has strong, range mini's so loot is more attainable and less spread out. All-in-all, good content.
  3. Sox Nation

    Newcomer Guide

    Nice guide! Very helpful for newcomers.
  4. Sox Nation

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the community Pork! Feel free to add me online (as long as you're not a Yankees fan); my IGN is Soxnation - I'm relatively new as well so I don't offer much with regard to knowledge of the server, but from what I've seen, this is a great community and a fun server. Hope to see you around. ~Sox Nation
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