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  1. Extreme str pots can also be made at lv89 by using a clean ranarr on a clean dwarf weed
  2. I'm not seeing any fishing spots at the wildy skilling area
  3. Sorry, just wanted to show that I was still interested. Is that application template easily accessible somewhere? It would be nice for that to be pinned at the top of the Request a Rank thread.
  4. With runecrafting, does an inventory of essence count as one action or 28? Also, I've heard that the pets for fletching, firemaking, prayer, slayer, and crafting are currently not able to be obtained. Can you confirm or deny any of these? Thanks!
  5. THE RANK YOU ARE APPLYING FOR: Helper INGAME NAME: Sonic Tardis HOURS ON ::TIME INGAME: 520 on my main, 60 on my zerker, 100 on ironman, and 60 on deadman WHAT IS YOUR AGE: 21 WHAT IS YOUR TIMEZONE AND WHAT HOURS CAN YOU BE ACTIVE THROUGH (SERVER TIME): CST, I'm generally active late evening/early nighttime but it varies depending on what I have going on. HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED DOOMSCAPE: ummm like 9-10months i think? ANY PAST/RELEVANT EXPERIENCE IN SAID RANK: I've been helping both new and experienced players for months, sometimes even staff I also work part time as a tutor irl so I have experience helping and teaching people. WHY DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'D BE A GOOD ADDITION TO OUR STAFF TEAM: I am experienced, level-headed, love to help people and share my knowledge, strive to be a positive role-model in game, and would love to be able to make an even bigger impact as a helper! HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE USE OF STAFF POWERS, WHEN IS IT APPROPRIATE TO USE THEM: When it is required to help someone or to resolve a conflict. Basically when it's the only option left. ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION YOU FEEL WILL BE OF USE: 99/2=92 Thank you very much for your consideration!
  6. Just to let you know, tridents have been around 2b lately. It took me a couple weeks recently to sell one, which ended up going for 1.5b
  7. sonic tardis

    New Items

    I was wondering if the recoil ability of the ring of suffering and the 10% magic damage bonus of the occult will be added at some point. The bonus against undead for the salve amulet would be sick too. If anyone else has items with a bonus or effect that isn't added currently feel free to drop them below. Thank you!
  8. If anyone is curious, overloads are now in game and are made with a 4 dose antifire potion and a pile of evil leaves after completing nein lives
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