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  1. Cole

    Is a bell a...

    Welcome! It is always great to have new faces tag along the adventure! Hope to see you in-game!
  2. Bump-- I lost bank at the duel arena and I've been building it up back since! Mostly camping barrows but I am about to go do some bossing to earn more credits for construction! Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me! Hope it goes smoothly! I will have to take a break from the arena... ha!
  3. Cole

    Hello everybody

    Awesome to have ya aboard! Welcome man!
  4. Hey there! Today I am going to discuss a little bit about Rocktail fishing! I was training slayer today and I had the assignment of a Living rock protector. These wild rock beasts drop Living Minerals. I think that Rocktail fishing should be required to use Living Minerals as bait. 1. To keep the rocktail at a good value. 2. Create a restricted supply, catching them with feathers is too easy and pumps thousands of rocktail in the game which causes them to lose value. 3. It would create a healthy balance of supply/demand in the economy for the one of the best foods in-game. Please let me know how you guys feel about this topic!
  5. Godlike has been trying or has been buying RSGP for a while now. RWT should be a bannable offense and should be taken very seriously. It is taking advantage of the economy for personal gain and it can greatly impact the community. He began on yell by asking if anyone played 07 and I told him that I did and he dove straight into it. With a growing community, we do not need players like this. Here are screen shots of proof of what went down. I egged him on and I told him that it was against the rules and he continued anyway.
  6. Lit vid. Good luck to everyone that is entered in the giveaway!
  7. Cole

    DoomScape Command guide

    Hey Umi, or any other staff member. This thread needs to be updated to reflect all current commands. One that I know that isn't up here is ::title-reset. I am unsure of others and an updated list will keep the players up to date with the commands that they can use!
  8. Cole

    Fix Banking

    This hurts the deepest part of my soul.
  9. Cole

    Community Growing!

    Awesome! I only see about 30-35 players on the regular but I've been seeing more and more new accounts! I hope these updates can bring back old players and bring along new ones too!
  10. Cole

    Fix Banking

    I've got a suggestion for banking and it is really frustrating when it comes to this issue. I am an avid skiller and I can't help but get a little mad over the fact that you can't organize your bank very well. Every time that I try and move items around in my bank, they are replaced where they originally were when I re-open the bank. It is really annoying especially when trying to organize skilling supplies and potions. Thanks! Edit: Also fix the part where you insert all on your inv into the bank, it goes to the first tab or the tab that the first item is located in. Super frustrating that the banking system is like 75% working Edit#2: Also have place holders so when you remove items, it won't ruin your bank organization!
  11. Cole

    Simple Suggestions #1

    Forum rewards would be like "Newcomer" - under 10 posts, "experienced" - with like 25 posts ....etc.. Some kind of tier system based on posts or forum activity.
  12. Bump! Gained a ton of XP this week! Going to start working on maxing out the stats! I need to do a ton of bossing for credits so I can get to 99 construction! Hope I make bank doing it! Wish me luck guys! Front page, here I come!
  13. Thanks for taking the risk!
  14. BUMP- Been just chillin skilling and doing some slayer. Trying to get to 85 summoning for a mini me. Seems to me like the forums are super dead so it may just be pointless on uploading this. I will see how I feel in a few days or so. Peace
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