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  1. DoomScape XP Guide (Highest Tier Methods) 30 mins to 120 Construction 200m xp/hr (Thrones) 2.5 hrs to 120 Prayer 33.7m xp/r (Dbones on an Altar) 3 hrs to 120 Atk, str, def, range, mage, hp 25.7m xp/hr (Train with Slayer for optimum XP) 2 hrs to 120 Cooking 19m xp/hr (Rocktails) 5 hrs to 120 Firemaking 19m xp/hr (Magic Logs) 6 hrs to 120 Woodcutting 15.6m xp/hr (Magic Logs) 6 hrs to 120 Hunter (Strong wrist development needed) 15m xp/hr (Red Chins) 8 hrs to 120 Runecrafting 11.5m xp/hr (Dzone) 9 hrs to 120 Herblore 9.8m xp/hr (only unf pots) 25 hrs to 120 Mining 4m xp/hr (Rune ores) 24 hrs to 120 Smithing (15k rune bars needed) 4.2m xp/hr (Rune Bars) 7 hrs to 120 Fletching (125k dart tips needed) 11.5m xp/hr (Rune dart tips on feathers) 14 hrs to 120 Farming (6k dwarf weed seeds needed or 4.5k torstols) 4.8m xp/hr 20 hrs to 120 Thieving 4.6m xp/hr Gem Stalls, or 6.5m xp/hr Veg Stalls (dzone) 24 hrs to 120 Crafting 3.7m xp/hr (Uncut Diamonds) 40 hrs to 120 Agility (strong fingers needed) 2.5m xp/hr (Ape Toll Course) 120 hrs to 120 Slayer 750k-1m xp/hr 100 hrs to 120 Summoning 1m xp/hr 4598 hrs to 120 (rots method) Dungeoneering (don’t do rots you will hate your life) 24k xp/hr (rots) Some skills aren’t on here, you’re not tripping, it’s b/c i’ve already done them so I didn’t need to do a guide on them, but I thought I would help out and post what I got.. Hope this help
  2. thanks, will do Fucs.
  3. I think I would be a great fit to the staff team on DoomScape, here is why: I've been playing this source of server for 6 years almost and so I am a veteran in that standpoint. I have been playing DoomScape now for about 5 months. I started making vids on this server also a couple months ago or so because I'd like to get more people to join and to help the people who have already joined and want to know how to get started. My videos also provide a brief overview on the server even though I don't have many subscribers yet, I still try to get those vids out there.. I now have hit rank 1 for Legends highscores so that should also show that I have played quite a bit. I also do many giveaways to help out the new people and I think that gets new people motivated to play more. I used to be top voter for a couple months so that shows I care about the growth of this server. I have 300+ of game time and that is barely any of it is afking time. I will be 100% honest, that this is the only server that I play, so that also shows dedication and commitment. I have seen this server grow so well in the past 5 months that I've been here and I would really like to help it become even better by helping people when I am on to make sure players are having a nice experience and a good time here on DoomScape. Things you should maybe know about me: I am 17 years old, I live in MN (United States), I like to exercise (hence why my name is Swole), I also work for a gym, and I am a funny guy, but I can definitely be serious when I need to be.
  4. Who am I? In-Game Name - Swole My IRL name is Haaris, but you can call me Swole I am 17 years old and I am from the United States. I am in Highschool and I work at a gym, otherwise I wouldn't be Swole.. I love to workout and you can follow me on my Instagram fitness page @haarisameenfitness. Other than that, I am acitve on Doomscape about 2-3 during the week, 6-8 on the weekends. I recently hit the top 25s in the highscores, and thought I would make a great fit to the staff team. Why do I play Doomscape? I started playing Runescape back in 2009. I have been playing RSPS's since 2012 and I've been playing this server since 2013. For 2 months, I have only been playing this server because I feel determined to get maxed in all of my stats. The community is welcoming and great company as well. What have I done and why do I want to be a helper/staff? I know that I would be a great staff member because I am a passionate player and veteran, and most of all I actually love giving help to others in the game. As I said before I know a lot about this server and how economy works. Availability? I am active during the week only 2-3 hours, but 6-8 hours on the weekends. Summary: Veteran player that loves to help Always top voter Thanks for taking your time to read through this; regardless of what happens, I will still play and continue donating. Regards, Swole
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