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  1. Brosky

    World 2 is now Online!

    @Doom if the exp rate on non combat skills is lowered to maybe 1/4th of the current exp rate it might still feel like some effort then edit: anyway ill have more spare time soon again so ill be trying out all the new stuff lots
  2. Brosky

    World 2 is now Online!

    i like it, especially making the bosses harder/smarter, improvements and adjustments to mini, looking forward to those mostly. what seems like a bad idea in my oppinion would be a lowering the max on stats from 120 to 100. completionist cape will have no sence of achievement whatsoever. understandable but still a pity for the over the top damage but i guess combat stats effectivity can be capped at 100. also as voted for me in the poll; full wipe besides titles/login would be a little much, i expect it to kill the motivation for most veteran players of the server looking forward to trying out the new things, keep up the good work man (^.^)
  3. do ::restorepets. it'll give you all the skilling pets you have received in the past
  4. support, good addition as helper to staff
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