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  1. Welcome to my Agility Guide, Firstly to get started you'll need to know how to get there and what level requirements you'd need. Level- 1 : This beginner course gives 7,196 experience, and one Agility Ticket. Agility tickets are used at the Ape Atoll agility course teleport. Also if you have the access to Brawling gloves (agility) they give bonus exp. Increasing the total experience from this course to 7,393. It's not much but when you start agility you'll understand any bonus exp is great Next stop is the Barbarian agility course at level- 35 Total experience earned from one lap: 18,673 without brawlers/vote exp Exp with just Brawling gloves: 19,189 Next stop is the Wilderness Agility course at level 52 Agility located west of the mage arena, in level 50+ Wilderness: Total experience gained from one lap: 29,025 exp without vote/brawlers Total experience gained with brawlers: 29,829 exp Giving 3 agility tickets Next stop is the Ape Atoll Agility course at level 75 Agility: You'll have to talk to Wizard Elriss for a GreeGree in order to use the course, can only have one ninja GreeGree at a time. Megan has the agility point store. Total experience earned from one lap without votes/brawlers: 32,895 Total experience earned with brawling gloves: 33,805 Giving 2 Agility Tickets Thanks for checking out my guide If i missed anything or if you have any suggestions feel free to comment
  2. Welcome to my Runecrafting guide, Firstly you'll need to know the level requirements: Also I'd also recommend getting a Vote Ticket before starting, upon claiming the ticket you'll receive bonus exp for an hour. The easiest way to bank in my opinion would be to click the prayer skill, this will teleport you home by the altars, then just run in and bank To start click the Runecrafting skill> You can find all the Teleports in there The order you'd be going in would be Air which will get you to around 22. Next is the Body altar, you'll be around 28. Next stop is the cosmic altar. Then Chaos until 44 for Natures, then laws and then finally Deaths, those are the top tier rune to runecraft as of rn. There is also the Donator zone Runecrafting zone which requires level 85 Runecrafting shown here: It's very nice exp Thanks for checking out my guide If i left anything out or if you would like more feel free to let me know :d Planning on agility/herblore next
  3. jammin clam

    All my cosmetics

    very nice! let me know if you'd like to sell any!
  4. Not too great but not too bad
  5. I have acouple suggestions, firstly skilling pets. As a skiller i would love to see some skilling pets added into the game. Personally it would give more incentive to train skills if you knew there was a possibility to get a pet. Secondly, make it possible to sell items for more than max cash in player-owned shops it'd work because cash already go directly to the money pouch anyways. As on rn you have to sell more valuable items outside of the shops which makes it take forever especially if you're only on for a few hours a day or busy and can't yell. Also tweak the player-owned shop alittle bit, add a recently listed, recently sold option. That would help people who are newer to know the prices of some items according to how much they've been sold for recently, and the recently listed option would help to sell certain items that some people have never heard of. For example, a brackish blade.. like who tf has seen people selling them and for how much? and who would even look that item up. Also tweak decaying avatar alittle bit in the sense of the lootshare, i know i'm not alone on this one. For example, you'll be killin it, no one will want to come help but they sure will come once its almost dead to snipe a loot from it. Maybe add a certain amount of damage dealt in order to be eligible to get a drop? min 500 dmg or something. Also when it dies, the damage it does as it dies, damages players who are killing corp beast. Also when farming possibly make each seed give a set amount of exp, not per plant. Sometimes you'll plant 3 torstol seeds but only get exp for planting, sometimes you only plant 1 seed and get the same amount of exp. Sort of hurts when yah spend 150k per seed Also if magic secatuers don't already give the bonus which i don't think they do, make them give acouple extra herbs per yield. Also, add rigour and augury prayers. They're very good prayers to have, you can put them into vote store or bossing store or something along them lines. And if possible, add lizard shamans and dragon warhammer to the server. Warhammer would be a very nice addition to bossing as the spec lowers def bonus. EDIT: Also boss kill count log in ::bossing doesn't keep track of all your kills. Thanks Just throwing some of these ideas at you guys thanks for reading lmk
  6. As i bossed i noticed one thing, Event boss is literally the easiest and best boss to kill for money compared to the drops of certain others. I think all bosses that had pets on osrs should have pets on here to make the grind alittle more worth while. Also improve some of the drops of some, for example king black dragon, it drops almost nothing worth while ik its an easy boss but still. Maybe make bosses drop 1-5m cash and make it fairly often or improve some of the drops. Also i would love to see bank place holders and alittle tweaking in the banks. Right now i have 3 stacks of brews in 3 different tabs for example. Happens when you click deposit all and i would to see that fixed. Another idea which may or may not be agreeable would be to add chaotics to slayer\bossing stores. And lastly, add a respawn timer to eventboss or make it so you need atleast 5+ to kill it, rn there are maxed gear players duo\trioing it and making bank. I've watched the boot drops esp primordials drop in price rapidly and one dude is struggling to get 8b for them. something needs to be done to eventboss as its the only real boss worth doing as its easy and drops literally any item you'd want\need imo. Thanks
  7. i think the boss task is a good idea but not at 99, since it takes 5 years for 99 slayer. Also the repeat boss in ::bossing is a great idea.
  8. -make is so you can fish monkfish, handy for ironman -shift click dropping, would be handy af -some other servers have a trading post, ik it would look like copying but it is a very nice setup for player owned shops -some sets of noted bones glitch and you cannot use them -a nurse to restore your hp\pray\run energy, would also be extremely handy -a double exp well, for example costs 100m to give server wide double exp. Would help reduce the amount of cash ingame as there is a sht ton -somehow possibly decrease the drop rate of bandos from eventboss. there is farrrrrr to much bandos armor in the server, one person alone has 27 tassets -give exp bonus to skilling item sets, such as runecrafting robes, lumberjack etc- idk if lumberjack has it on here or not yet -finish adding agile and other items into the shop, they're 50m agility tickets a piece as of rn -add uncut gems into the skilling shop- any is fine even if up to diamond. -decrease the aggro on some npcs. I personally get pjed from other monsters even at 120 cmb, for example the lexicus mages -hide the option to attack other players familiars -make herblore auto instead of one at a time -add daily activities for supplies\gp\mbox -clue scrolls? this would be awesome even if its just acouple steps -120 capes, like a reskinned myths guild cape from osrs That's all i can think of as of rn, i'll keep adding more as i play more. I know some are others posts. Thanks for checkin out mah ideas
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