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  1. If doomscape 2.0 wont get eco reset, many players will continue just staying "quit", by quit, I mean getting online 5-15 minutes everyday and doing nothing, but chatting then logging out again. People run around with 3 trillion cash and stuff. No point in grinding everyday, bossing and stuff to get like 25b or whatever you'll get. People has too much atm, speaking of experience. I won't be returning unless Doomscape 2.0 will get fully eco and stats reset, I think other players has it the same way, but some may disagree, those who disagree, are either new players, just gotten their items set, or just dumb people. We have 15-20 players online, 10 of them are basicly afk, nothing is going on, all shops are empty, everyone's hoarding. It'll continue this way, if we wont do anything about it. I have to be honest, I will probs play another 100 hours straight if eco/stat reset will happen, I ain't ashamed of it. I've played this private server for so long now, didn't want to quit or find another server, but I can't say that if the community wants the eco and stats to be the same and not touched, I can't say anything for sure, but I think it'll kill the server.. In my opinion.. it is now or never.
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