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  1. the last few bugs have been fixed few hours ago, forgot to post it! ~Umi
  2. Hey everyone, Thanks for the bug reports, i'll work on them ASAP and will be fixed today.
  3. We have released some bug fixes and a new skilling area today! We have added a new skilling area located INSIDE the wilderness with XP bonus and a banker north from this area. Rocktail fishing, rune ore mining, magic logs woodcutting and more! Pyramid plunder is working as intended once again. The middle thieving stall at donator island is working properly again. Skilling no longer spams your chat with attributes and values. Fixed the issue with multi spells where people were able to steal kills at barrows. Ring of wealth (i) versions work at barrows now, however it does not give you any double drops/rewards, only increased drop rate. You are now able to complete "Desert treasure" quest again. Wilderness teleport obelisks are working as intended and improved the code on timing and animations. Picking flax is working as intended again. If you experience any bugs, please report it to us! Kindest regards, DoomScape development team
  4. IMO when i did see title of this topic.. I was like oh nice, but now i see the images.. these are no actual skilling pets.. but random npcs.. would be better if it actually WERE the real skilling pets.. but goodjob on update. no offence btw =p
  5. PM me on discord (or here) with the following information: Account name (that has the issue): other account that belong to you:
  6. Sets like barrows need to be dropped, we coded it that if you drop it, you'll basically open the set and items will be in your inventory.
  7. @noobypker You're banished by Doom, PM me on forums or on discord if you like to know the reason. @Kindtaro What does it say when you try to log in?
  8. Umi

    How i make money (guide)

    Nice guide! As Bepis said the good and bad parts, i agree on his points. Somehow there is something missing that makes it really organized.. the colours of the text is amazing, same as the pictures (except your paint skills ) Maybe some extra Enter spaces, so few more empty lines between each method. Keep it up mate ~ Umi
  9. Umi

    Text Colouring Guide

    Permanent yell colour requires staff yes. We dont have to use any codes anymore simply 1 command to change our yell colour and its done.
  10. Umi

    Pet insurance

    how did you lose it?
  11. Hey! First of all, welcome to the server! I appreciate your feedback and we definitely will take a look at it. I also noticed that newcomers got issues with money making. Imo we lack of groups that do bossing, if more ppl farm bosses together, the easier it will be. But we definitely will take a look into this! However yes donating.. we cannot change that because we need the donations to keep server running! At every game ppl can buy amazing items and all. cant.. ofc we can replace nex gear n all.. But as I told people on discord, I will be looking into barrows aswell, so its bit easier to obtain these items to start bossing a bit easier. I believe by increasing chance on getting barrows items, can make bossing and pk slightly more active. Umi Admin & Developer
  12. Umi

    Ola :)

    Hey there! Nice to know bit more about you Hope to see you ingame! ~Umi
  13. Umi

    Few Ideas.

    First of all, Sorry for being inactive last days, had some stuff in real going on. all shud be fixed so im back! Second: Thank you for the suggestions! We are aware of herblore being slow af and will definitely be fixed. FM add logs is working, as mentioned above, just use Log on a fire and it goes automatically ~Umi
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