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  1. Cyclone

    Alyx's Introduction

    Welcome Alyx! I hope you enjoy it here, and see you around. Regards, Cy
  2. Cyclone


    Welcome Hopefully you enjoy your time here. Let me know if you need any assistance.
  3. Cyclone

    Good Evening!

    Welcome! I hope you have fun while you're here
  4. Nice suggestions. It would be nice if the developers can/will add them
  5. Cyclone

    hi all!!!

    Welcome!! Hopefully you continue to enjoy your time here.
  6. Nice guide! I'm sure it will be helpful to newcomers
  7. Cyclone

    Text Colouring Guide

    It helps so people can differentiate our yells! It stands out so they don't miss it
  8. Cyclone

    Text Colouring Guide

    Look good! I'm sure this will be nice for people to use
  9. Cyclone

    Ola :)

    Welcome Glad to see you are still around, and enjoying the server! Hope to see you around in-game Regards, Cy
  10. Hey! Thanks for the post. It says you were last online yesterday.. but you also made this post yesterday. Please let me know if you were able to get on after making this post! If not.. I can reset your password for you, just shoot me an inbox message here on the forums, and I can help you from there. If the problem is already resolved, just leave a comment on this post, indicating so, and I can close this topic. Thanks! Regards, Cy
  11. Owner Doom Administrators Umi GimmeCorn Forum Moderators Cyclone Robby Moderators Dean Bepis Helpers Supersmack Da Jiin Stoned Chimp Queencara Pickle Rick Arteezy Regards, The DoomScape Staff Team
  12. Cyclone

    Skilling Guide

    Skilling Guide Teleport ::home -> go to General Store -> talk to Shopkeeper -> open General Supplies Skilling tools are here and the shopkeeper has all shops for skilling. Don't forget you can also buy from player's shops! example: ::shop cyclone Some skills have command teleports like ::farming and ::hunter All skilling teleports are in the spell book and you can also click on any skill in the skill tab to teleport or show teleport options Where can I buy seeds? Shopkeeper -> Skilling Resources Also has Firemaking, Smithing, and some Crafting supplies Do I need any tools? No. Use the seed on the patch and wait a few seconds, then harvest the herbs Where do I go? ::farming Shopkeeper -> Skilling Resources 2 Suggested Potions: -Attack potion (guam and eye of newt) Level 1 -Prayer potion (ranarr and snape grass) Level 38 -Super restore potion (snapdragon and red spider eggs) Level 63 -Super defence potion (cadantine and white berries) Level 66 -Saradomin brew potion (toadflax and crushed nest) Level 81 -Extreme defence potion (super defence potions and lantadyme herbs) Level 90 Where do I go? ::home -> General store -> Talk to Mage of Zamorak Buy rune essence at the Shopkeeper -> General Supplies Where do I go? ::home -> General Store -> Pikkupstix How do I start? Bring the familiar to any multi-combat area; the familiar will automatically fight with you Regards, Cy
  13. Thank you for the feedback/suggestion. I agree that those announcements would be highly beneficial for players.
  14. Cyclone


    Hey! You'll probably see me around a lot, so I'm gonna introduce myself! I'm Cyclone, Doom is a good friend of mine, and I'm an in game and forum moderator of DoomScape! Don't worry, I'm not new to this I will also be assisting with collecting the RsGp donations, once everything is set, and anything else needed! I'll see you guys in game and hopefully get to meet some of you, one on one. Regards, Cyclone
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