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  1. This kid Shewar has been farming, using 3 characters, shewar, gl im 30 def and I pvm hard. Highsify tried to stop him but he would just pile and pray. He's farmed at least 30+ games I was online for an hour watching him do this I also talked to helper sonic Tardis.
  2. Tips from a year veteran. Don't expect anything lmfao
  3. you literally said, what do you want, you have 500m left of the 1.5b, which I lost, its in the kill logs. You are an incredibly bad liar.
  4. after claiming he had 120m to his name, bandicam_2017-11-23_00-41-34-191.avi
  5. "you made me log out so I wouldn't have chat logs"
  6. Apologies, I am not familiar with the forum formatting, how can I fix that?
  7. Reporting player: M4carbine Reason: Scamming I'll begin with the background. M4carbine walked up to me and told me to follow him to the wild. I did so, literally had no clue what he wanted. He walks in wearing nothing and says that he has stuff in inv that I'll get when I kill him and I can pay him later, I accept and kill him, and then give him 500m. Afterwards, he starts with this tells me to go to mage bank for round 2 of the items. After killing me with the 1.5b, he goes on to say "gimme ten minutes", then completely ignores me until I contact a helper. He then says this, I am quite disappointed in the players integrity, and I would like to receive either the money back or the items from the player. I was helped by arteezy, I would like to thank him for telling me to post this. I hope you all have a nice day, Jango
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