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  1. Fantastic guide! Always bringing us quality posts!
  2. Jack Savage's Progress Thread This thread will be dedicated to Total Level, bank, and time played progress! I will update once every two weeks. 07/27/2018 LOOT (Gained through various methods ex. Staking, PVMing): Keep in mind that this is my profit tab. I will not be showing my main tab. Edit: I have 5 D claws, 6k Scales, 2 Pernix sets now. 07/27/2018 TOTAL LEVEL: LEADERBOARD RANKING: 4 RANK 1 SKILLS: -Smithing 07/27/2018 TIME PLAYED: DISCLAIMER: The item stacks in my screenshots do not represent the total amount of those items I possess. I put all items older than 3 months into my inventory. STAY TUNED!
  3. Great job cosmos. You've really come in handy as a dev!
  4. I would say add more about why you should be a helper. Otherwise, +1
  5. Welcome to the server, glad you picked ours as your first!
  6. Jack Savage

    Zulrah Nerf

    Zulrah was perfect at 750hp. There are now a shortage of scales in the game due to low activity at this boss.
  7. You literally got the worst loot I've ever seen with 10 spins. This was very funny thank you.
  8. Since more donator ranks have been created, I suggest that the drop chance increase be relative to rank. I suggest lowest rank gets 2% increase and highest gets 15%. I believe this would benefit the server greatly and entice players to contribute more donations. Thanks.
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