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  1. Hey, When making ruby, diamond, saphire, and emerald bolts, you can make them, but they give no xp at all. Would be nice if this was fixed so people can use them for some fletch xp:) Skiller Jw
  2. Nice! This Will come in very handy for people:)
  3. THE RANK YOU ARE APPLYING FOR: Helper INGAME NAME: Skiller Jw HOURS ON ::TIME INGAME: 296 hours and 1 minute. WHAT IS YOUR AGE: 25, I'll turn 26 in October WHAT IS YOUR TIMEZONE AND WHAT HOURS CAN YOU BE ACTIVE THROUGH (SERVER TIME): UTC+2. I can usually be online from 11:30AM untill 5:30PM. Also, I can be on quite a few hours during the day, so 4:00AM till 9:00AM HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED DOOMSCAPE: I have been playing this server under another name in the past. Been playing DoomScape since the first few days after release. ANY PAST/RELEVANT EXPERIENCE IN SAID RANK: I have been a Helper and Moderator on UltimateScape2 in the past. This was at the time 250+ people were online all day. WHY DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'D BE A GOOD ADDITION TO OUR STAFF TEAM: Helping people is kind of my second nature, I like doing it. Especially when new players come people tend to forget we've all been there. They need help, and if we want our community to keep growing we should give them that. Theres quite some times there are no staff members online when I am on, so I try helping the best I can. Problem is, when you are a Helper, people recognize you and walk towards you or pm you to ask questions. This would enable me to help people much more efficiently. I like the way this server is moving forward at the moment, and I'd love to be a part of that. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE USE OF STAFF POWERS, WHEN IS IT APPROPRIATE TO USE THEM: Only when strictly necessary. Most times you can just have a chat with people and warn them or tell them what they are doing isn't allowed. If they still wouldn't listen I would try calming them down again, before I would use staff powers. ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION YOU FEEL WILL BE OF USE: My name is Jan, I am 25 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I've been playing rsps since I was 12. I have a lot of experience playing this client. I am a skiller, and I like helping people explain how to do skills in the most efficient way. I like having a chat with people, and make this community feel like a ''family'' to people. Also, I can type quite fast and I can multitask. I also speak quite a few languages. English, Dutch, German, French, and a little Spanish. Thank you for taking the time to read this application. Looking forward to hearing from you. Skiller Jw
  4. Lol true that, already got 99 Construction making just bookcases that cost no credits though... fml
  5. That is awesome! Nice work:)
  6. The pack yak at 99 summoning doesnt work. Would be nice to have something useful after the grind haha. Skiller Jw
  7. Skiller Jw


    With the way construction now is, it ruins it for Skillers. There is absolutely no way a skiller is going to be able to get the amount of credits to get 99 in this skill. I waited a long time for it to come out, and hardly being able to train it pisses me off quite a lot. I suggest changing it to a way skillers can also train it, given the fact there are quite a few on this server, and they should care about us too. Skiller Jw
  8. Skiller Jw

    Suggestion list

    I agree with all of them, but crystal chest isn’t needed. I also dont like the ::empty idea, since it Will make skilling too easy in my opinion. Otherwise, good suggestions:)
  9. Please update certain shops:) For example there is no way to buy crafting supplies.
  10. Hey guys, i started today:) This server reminds me of a server i used to love, and have always been a moderator on. This far i love it! Hit me up in-game if u want to chat. Skiller Jw
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