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    If doomscape 2.0 wont get eco reset, many players will continue just staying "quit", by quit, I mean getting online 5-15 minutes everyday and doing nothing, but chatting then logging out again. People run around with 3 trillion cash and stuff. No point in grinding everyday, bossing and stuff to get like 25b or whatever you'll get. People has too much atm, speaking of experience. I won't be returning unless Doomscape 2.0 will get fully eco and stats reset, I think other players has it the same way, but some may disagree, those who disagree, are either new players, just gotten their items set, or just dumb people. We have 15-20 players online, 10 of them are basicly afk, nothing is going on, all shops are empty, everyone's hoarding. It'll continue this way, if we wont do anything about it. I have to be honest, I will probs play another 100 hours straight if eco/stat reset will happen, I ain't ashamed of it. I've played this private server for so long now, didn't want to quit or find another server, but I can't say that if the community wants the eco and stats to be the same and not touched, I can't say anything for sure, but I think it'll kill the server.. In my opinion.. it is now or never.
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    @Hashtag Boss I do agree that is it now or never to make the decision. To be honest at the moment I'm leaning towards a complete server reset but keep both worlds open. These updates are a big deal so I definitely want to see them on World 2 first (with a fresh start), however after a couple weeks we could then add them to what was the main world 1. Let me know your thoughts
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    In game name: scootmatoot Position desired: helper Age: 21 Time zone: mountain daylight time how long I've played doomscape: I've played for 450+ hours. I started sometime around late 2017 and early 2018 (took a break from playing to finish college, move to new state and find a job) Have I ever been punished on doomescape: No Previous staff experience: Nothing very significant, i was admin on one of the first servers I played, back probably around 2015. It was a title you could donate for and heavily abused by other players and NOT by me. With commands ::spawnitem ::teletome ::teleto you could see how that could be easily abused that lasted for about a month or two then the server got shut down. 5 strengths: respectfulness, trustworthy, honesty, level-headed, and fun to play with! my goals as staff: To help anybody who would need help, report any bugs found by me or reported to me. help the server grow by welcoming new players and giving them direction on where to start based on how they want to play
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    In game name: ilikebowls Position Desired: Helper Age: 21 Timezone: Atlantic Daylight Time How long have you played DoomScape? I have had an account for over 1 year with almost 930 hours of gameplay. Have you ever been punished on DoomScape? No Talk about your previous experience of being staff on private servers: I have never been apart of a staff team for a private server, however I have lots of experience playing them and being a good member of the community. My lack of staff experience is offset by my willingness to help other players enjoy DoomScape as much as I do. List 5 of your strengths: I try to be a very positive person and help people whenever I can. I have a good knowledge of the game as I have been playing for quite some time which will be essential for this role. I consider myself to have great communication skills as well as problem solving skills. I also have the ability to respectfully and professionally deal with inappropriate behaviour on the server. What are you goals as staff? As a staff member, my biggest goal would be to help other players continue to enjoy playing DoomScape and bring the community together for fun events. I would also like to help find bugs within the game to fix them and make DoomScape the best server out there! Thanks so much for your time and effort that went into creating DoomScape and I hope you will give me the opportunity to be apart of this team.
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    i like it, especially making the bosses harder/smarter, improvements and adjustments to mini, looking forward to those mostly. what seems like a bad idea in my oppinion would be a lowering the max on stats from 120 to 100. completionist cape will have no sence of achievement whatsoever. understandable but still a pity for the over the top damage but i guess combat stats effectivity can be capped at 100. also as voted for me in the poll; full wipe besides titles/login would be a little much, i expect it to kill the motivation for most veteran players of the server looking forward to trying out the new things, keep up the good work man (^.^)
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    Looking forward to all the updates! thanks everyone who worked on this
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    Bowls has been a big help to me personally since I started, have also seen him helping many others with anything they needed. Should make for a great helper!
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